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All of the places listed do spray tans. Beauty College & Studio Ten are both good.
Mary, this may be harsh but for the most part I don't believe in government involvement in the social issues that you mentioned. The exception is drug laws because that's not really a social issue but + 370 more characters
Honestly we've all hated the insurance company at one time or another, however, that same insurance company has provided payments to billions of people and taken care of their medical needs. Why on ea + 5234 more characters
I am hoping to not be ridiculed for posting but here's a quick note about some of the insurance issues. My husband who is self employed purchases private health insurance for him & our 2 kids. With al + 3059 more characters
For future reference the number is 951-2829. There is no recording with this number.
Bikes are being stolen left and right. I don't understand how kids come home with a new bike that their parents didn't purchase for them or at least know about and the parents don't say or do anything + 628 more characters
I'm the parent of an almost 11 year old and I am very familiar with these solid color bikes. Some people may think that because these bikes are solid colors with the same colored rims that they are st + 2537 more characters
There is a post and photo in the MC Virtual Marketplace on FB about an older red heeler or austrailian shepherd. They say she is in rough shape but is a very sweet dog. Below is a link to see her. url
I didn't accuse anyone of misconceptions. Just don't repeat things that you don't know for sure. Get the facts first. Be open minded to hearing the truth instead of just the negatives because I haven' + 546 more characters
Really guys. I guarantee I know a whole lot more than you do since my husband has been in the oilfield for 10 years. At least I don't act as though I am the almighty know it all as many of you who do + 1500 more characters
There are a lot of bystanders that make comments regarding something that they know very little about. You portray yourselves as knowing so much about the Bakken Formation and ND drilling. What you "k + 501 more characters
Thank you Jeena. I was wondering when someone was going to take on the Dr. Rauh comment.
Studio 33 Photography will be at Murdochs on Saturday, December 3rd from 10-2 and Saturday December 10th from 11-3. The background is a beautiful Christmas Cabin with an iron sleigh for Santa and the + 251 more characters
Rough Riders 4H will also be on-hand selling homemade Puppy Chow. It goes really fast so make sure to stop by and get some.
No issues with the OB Dept. It was my home for several months while I was pregnant with my son. I've spent a lot of time there. Thankfully Dr. Rauh trusted me when I said I wasn't going to Billings an + 2129 more characters
It goes way beyond just the people posting here. There are so many things that happen at HRHC that people never hear about. HRHC just hopes we'll all go away when something goes wrong. If they let it + 2039 more characters
WOW! over 20 times you've tried to reach me. It's really funny how I don't even know who you are or the coach or anything. If you would like to rant and rave, please make sure you have your facts stra + 1381 more characters
Wow. I can't believe that this conversation is still going on both here and in the paper. Last night's letter to the editor asked what about the parents opinions? As a parent I support Mr. Regan's de + 2399 more characters
MILES CITY CALENDAR OF EVENTS American Foundation of Suicide Prevention (AFSP) TODAY, September 22: 5 - 6:30 p.m. Karl Rosston talks about SOS School-based Suicide Awareness & Prevention Program Meth + 3116 more characters
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