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As with most things, there is more than one possible solution. My understanding is that, if the 2017 tax cuts that went to the wealthy were reversed, we would have more than enough to meet the debt. I + 71 more characters
For whatever reason, the Glendive Ranger Review seems to be ahead of the Star with coverage on this one, too. (My apologies if it is hidden deeper within the Star and I've missed it.) It may be worth + 3492 more characters
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In light of the forecast for this week, a reminder to wear your mittens seems in order. As such, Kitz is in charge of the annual missive since he was born with them. url url
I confess to running a bit behind; however, I did get a letter drafted and emailed to the PSC (tomorrow being the deadline). I received the following response this morning: Hello Karen, Thank you for + 1867 more characters
Thank you for the heads up. I suspect you are more than correct that most people don't read all of the legal notices. I confess I don't subscribe to the Star because I seldom find much I wish to read + 2868 more characters
Tempting! Do you allow full size trick-or-treaters?
Be thankful. It was a nasty bit of work.
I have had nothing but outstanding service, as well. My vote has already been cast for Linda. When something is working well, I see no need to change it.
Great detective work!
I didn't catch him this week--maybe next.
Thanks to both of you. It is a challenge when there are seniors and juniors. I think I will try to catch Jake at Waterworks (open studio tonight) and see if he knows.
Thank you, Dick!
I somehow think I'm a bit late for this election (yes, more from the archaeological digs). I confess I am much fonder of the "this is what I will do" type of ad than I am the "they are bad" one (that + 249 more characters
Sounds like a grand adventure! Have fun and please report back so we can join you vicariously (even if after the fact).
Thanks, Hal!
Thanks, Bill!
Time for another tidbit from the "archaeological digs". The folks had this book of history on Marsh, Montana. It appears that Marsh was in Dawson, County; however, I have been unable to locate much a + 218 more characters
So very sad, Dave. May you find comfort in your memories and know that, although we can't change things, we all care.
One of the real issues I see is that the "good guy with a gun" may not be able/qualified to use it. It's not as easy as it sounds/looks in the movies or on TV. (I know--I didn't do as well as hoped wh + 172 more characters
I don't claim to have all the answers, but it doesn't hurt to ask about/discuss the "answers" that don't really seem to be viable in all aspects.
"Thank you for your service." Somehow, I suspect it will also get harder to find anyone motivated to enlist. Empty words, I guess.
And yes, I put in my time even though women were not expected to serve back then.
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