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I still like the prices . . .
I stumbled across (accurate description if you know my computer skills) this interview with Basil. I enjoyed listening to him again and thought others might, as well. url Basil was truly one of a kind + 80 more characters
My condolences for the loss of your aunt. You're not the only one who has lost family or friends to Covid. I'm afraid I can't enlighten you with regard to "the plan" because I am not one of the catego + 116 more characters
What a disappointment! I thought this would have contact information for my replacement--hopefully one that would be good at feeding and cleaning up after the cats (not to mention weeding, mowing, vac + 114 more characters
It is with deep sadness I saw the death notice on Stevenson's. I am sure I am not alone in having been positively impacted by Basil. My deepest sympathy to his family. url
So sorry to hear about your friend, Gunnar. He's not alone in not being able to access services. The state finally updated their hospital report. This is the graphic:
The rest of the report is well w + 245 more characters
I plead guilty. I selected the title using the assumption that "interesting statistics" was more likely to get additional readers. My hope was that "statistics" might help people realize what is possi + 110 more characters
That's the kind of "new math" that would be nice for my savings account (assuming I got the "real" 50)!
I heard from our friend in Singapore (SG) this morning. An excerpt: "Thanks for asking but things are not going very well in SG. Covid Delta is wreaking havoc here, its transmission rate is startling. + 1025 more characters
On the bright side, at least you are (presumably, at any rate) not trying to maneuver them wearing a micro mini skirt this time around!
Sorry, I almost missed your comment because it was over here instead of on the piggy banks. I'm glad you liked them. We probably agree on some things, as well as disagree on others. No doubt I'm fooli + 420 more characters
I've entered a new area in the "archaeological digs". No, the others aren't done yet, but sometimes I feel like a new adventure. I found two red piggy banks. The one from Miss Timmer would date to fir + 374 more characters
I had the Creeple Peeple (my first one--it was the full set with the oven). I also had the Mini Dragons set and the Fun Flowers set (neither of these had the oven). In addition to those, I had a mold + 250 more characters
I suspect everyone is aware there is to be a postage increase toward the end of the month. This morning's "attic adventures" included discovering this newspaper article (sorry for the "rumple", but it + 290 more characters
Thanks so much for giving me the additional details--it helps a great deal in keeping an eye out. I still have a LARGE quantity to go through so be patient and I'll be sure to let you know if I find s + 109 more characters
One of the latest "treasures" in the attic has stimulated an interesting conversation with my friend in Brazil: the "Little Lady" oven. The stove and oven both heat up and that does give rise to the q + 1338 more characters
Noted and I will keep an eye out and let you know. What sort of hair and beauty items are you looking for? Among the things I transferred to a "later figure out" box was a bag of the metal permanent r + 356 more characters
The exploration of the attic continues. I have found several glass gallon jugs (4 so far). Three are clear and one is brown (has a slightly wider mouth). Two have lids. All I know for certain is that + 3536 more characters
I'm tackling a new project (despite not having finished the prior ones)--the attic of the attached garage. It went undisturbed (and full) for over 40 years. Not to worry--I still have my list of "watc + 1885 more characters
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Free Mint - Organic! 2 months ago
The mint decided to go crazy this year (more than usual) despite my thinning it out and giving plants away earlier. As such, I am more than happy to share. You will need to bring scissors or nippers a + 323 more characters