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Per the NRA, itself, firearms, etc. were prohibited during Trump's appearance. url
Thanks for posting this, Dave! [Edited by Karen L. Morris (5/23/2022 12:07:21 PM)]
She has motivation. As of Monday, I saw two babies. The pic is of one. I circled it in red because it's difficult to see. It's the little brown thing on the side toward the adult.
Thank you! My parents would have been in Glendive at the time they got this so that makes sense.
Yet another mystery from the "archaeological finds". Back in the 1990s, I sent my parents several limited edition prints (LEPs) issued by Cheyenne Frontier Days. Two of the framed ones were donated to + 616 more characters
Shhhh! I inherited a wee bit (very wee) of oil company stock. I'm waiting to rake in my dividends! Reality is that, although it doesn't really make a difference since I am in the minority, I vote for + 257 more characters
Point well taken. I do promise, however, that when it's me, I will not post to tell you.
I'm not dead. I note there is a Karen Morris just listed on Stevenson's today. It isn't me.
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Update. We heard from our friend in Singapore this morning and now have a revised tally of three eggs. Here's the screenshot she sent.
RE: Eagles 3 months ago
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The eagle cam remains at url There are apparently 2 eggs in the nest (per our friend in Singapore who monitors it closely.
It's the Year of the Tiger! Tigers being somewhat rare in Miles City, ours is a bit of a kitty cat. Perhaps this will be a kinder, gentler year . . . one can hope.
Thank you! I look forward to seeing them.
Can you post the pictures (or some)? It may be a different ice company; however, I would certainly enjoy seeing them. Thanks so much for pursuing this. History is at its best when shared!
I'm not sure if this is helpful, but it is interesting. This is from page 44 of the Centennial Roundup (Miles City 1887-1987) published by the Miles City Star in 1987. This was written by Jean Freese + 765 more characters
Not really, Dick. That's his "vulture" pose (remember Snoopy as a vulture?). He's just waiting to pounce on the first unsuspecting soul that giggles at the neck gear!
Thought for the new year: Watch out for the fine print. Mom promised no more silly head gear . . . instead, she put it around my neck (yes, I'm thrilled)! Happy New Year any way and all the best to y + 49 more characters
In all honesty, Dick, I did not plan on them and I wasn't the one that initiated their rescue (technically, at least). They are all Jobie's children. He shared his shelter with them until it wasn't sa + 266 more characters
There are obvious differences in the two species--preferred diet and size among them. For those that have not experimented, I can assure you that, as a general rule, it is easier to dress a bovine. Ch + 401 more characters
My condolences on your losses.
One of the 45s that I almost wore out as a child was Waterloo. I would warble along and actually got most of the words right.
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