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The archaeological digs continue. One never knows what treasure will be found or when (rather disorganized down there, to say the least). I continue to watch for items requested. Today's find is a 196 + 740 more characters
The concept that Covid will go away without action being taken is worse than foolish. I am fortunate to have friends in other countries because of Jobie. Regardless of where we live, we are all pretty + 2523 more characters
As for me, I still prefer the Calf in the Hat. Definitely equal opportunity everything! url
I confess to being confused. Trump and Company repeatedly asserted the issues with mail voting, yet he voted by mail in 2020 and is apparently planning to do the same in 2021. url (see last paragraph) + 97 more characters
I no longer have the water bill set up on auto withdraw; however, I did at the time payments were being made from my Dad's account (while the house was his). There were a few times I felt it was wiser + 497 more characters
As I recall, Girl Scout cookies sold for $.50/box then. url
Many years ago (probably around 2004 or 2005), they used to start from the vicinity of the VA and they would fly over my house. My little dog was quite fond of watching the show (we'd stand on the bou + 238 more characters
url Imagine the world we could have if everyone stepped up like Captain Tom did.
url With so many memories and sadness at his passing.
The question I have is whether an organic diet is a right or a privilege. url Of course, I also wonder how he feels about his mother being the one to come to his dietary rescue . . .
url Mr. Kurkowski was our neighbor down the block for many years, as well as being a teacher and mayor in MC. We all seem to be getting older . . .
Thank you, Gunnar! Somehow, I think that's an insult to any self-respecting cat!
Clever, Richard! Thank you for the laugh!
Thank you, Dick, and a Merry Christmas to you! Please note that Mim is in training to wear his mask (even though none of them are allowed outside because they are all "special needs"). The "over the n + 192 more characters
Jobie's Children (all rescued by him and now in my custody) aren't quite as talented or motivated when it comes to greetings. Still, we wanted to share a bit of something a bit more positive so . . . + 91 more characters
Thank you! By the time I was old enough to use the phone on my own, we had the 232. We also had that wonderful system called party lines for quite awhile (as I recall). I don't remember when we all go + 481 more characters
Thank you! I remember the phone company being there and had friends that worked as operators. I'll have to keep an eye out as I go through the "archaeological digs" since I have a narrower time frame + 270 more characters
You're welcome. Perhaps you could record what you do remember of your Dad's stories. I know the sense of regret . . . I never got the chance to get Mom's stories before she was gone. Seems like we alw + 85 more characters
So sorry to hear about your Uncle Emil. I understand all too well the emotional issues when someone you care about is suffering or ill and there's no way to get there or really do anything. I wish the + 407 more characters
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