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url I do understand that Challenges are good for us because they encourage "personal growth". I also understand that we are supposed to "bloom where we are planted". HOWEVER, after having given the ma + 174 more characters
Adorable!!! Thank you!
The Lunar New Year is almost here! This year will be the Year of the Pig. For the grand celebration, I've decided we should have a snout contest (sounds safer than fireworks to me). Please practice wi + 127 more characters
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url I've always been about "keeping the faith". My worldly goods are not great. The gift I offer is the same as that of The Little Drummer Boy. I humbly offer myself with true love. That is the real g + 218 more characters
I honestly don't know, Hal. I've never measured Jobie. I know that he's considerably taller than me when he has his head up (of course, I'm only 5'1"). I'd be willing to attempt a measurement sometime + 848 more characters
url And the greatest of these is love. When I count my blessings, my friends are at the top of the list. Thank you for being my friend! Love, Jobie
Jobie still loves pumpkins! I've sent you an e-mail with the contact information. Thanks so much! Jobie's Mom
url Mystical. Magical. To me, it seems that I was really meant to be a dragon! The small catch is that my flying skills need a bit of work. Halloween isn't far away; however, I still have a wee bit of + 380 more characters
url Simple things are often the best! Thanks to Mom's efforts at tidying the garage, I have discovered hooping! Sharing is my specialty, so I have decided to start a Group Hoop! All are invited to par + 365 more characters
We support you in whatever you decide, Larry. As we've said before, we more than appreciate all you have done and your biggest loyal fan remains exactly that! urlurl
With deepest sympathy for your loss, Larry. We sent our "butterfly card" to our friend, Fionna, in Singapore when she lost her best friend of 50 years. She made it in to a video (something I'm not ta + 153 more characters
With deepest sympathy, Richard. She had a phenomenal life and will truly live on with all the memories that were created.
url It's not always easy being a supervisor! I'm lucky because Mitch and the crew are hard workers which makes my job easier! I could watch them all day (and I do)! Love, Jobie P.S. Special thanks to + 120 more characters
Safe journey, Hal, and may the move go smoothly! It will be good to have you back in Montana--although, in many ways, suspect you never really left!
You might be right, Bob. Are you willing to volunteer to give him lessons (I'm not great with ladders myself)? The only other issue I see is finding one that will handle his weight.
We enjoy sharing, Marty! I suspect Jobie and stilts would not be a successful combination since he's not overly fond of heights. I've thought about roller skates; however, decided there might be some + 128 more characters
url I try to be helpful--really I do. There are some chores, however, that even the thought of makes my hair stand on end. These are mostly things involving ladder skills. I've done a bit of research + 140 more characters
Thank you, Marty! If the mud wasn't so deep, I'd invite you over for a celebratory carrot! Love, Jobie
url We're not sure where it went, but the first decade has passed. As of the 16th, I'm 11! It was a long time to wait for my first balloon, but I made it! Love, Jobie
My Grandma always used to say you knew it was spring when you saw the tulips blooming in the snow! I am thrilled to know it is really spring; however, I must confess that I do prefer my tulips naked! + 55 more characters
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