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Merry Christmas, Hal, to you and yours--and to everyone else! We wish you peace and happiness now and through the coming year! May the angels watch over you! (Yes, Hark is a rerun--from 2013. It was a + 108 more characters
Thank you, Bridgier! It is tough losing them both so close together, yet I believe they are in a better place. I just have to be brave and survive--goes with being Scottish/Irish.
Thank you, Hal! We are of Scottish/Irish descent so the Morris family is a tough breed. I believe both Jobie and my Dad are in a better place now.
Thank you, Dave! I am sad he is gone; however, if he could not live the quality of life he wanted to, I loved him enough to let him go.
Jobie always called him Grandad with one "d". They are together again and we miss them both. url [Edited by Karen L. Morris (11/25/2019 12:50:36 PM)]
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Thank you! It was always a joy sharing Jobie with friends like you!
Thank you! There was, indeed, real love . . . I don't believe I ever saw Jobie angry in our entire time together! I believe that love transcends time and shall never die. Still, it does feel empty wit + 30 more characters
Thank you, Gunnar! Jobie always appreciated your sense of humor! Yes, I told him lots of things and I suspect he understood most . . . just a bit of confusion when it came to "cow" topics since he rea + 232 more characters
Thank you, Richard! Jobie truly was the best pal anyone could have wished for!
You're welcome, Bob! Jobie was not something I ever planned on (who could have imagined someone like him?) and I admit that I, too, will miss the photo shoots and sharing the cards. He was a true prof + 193 more characters
Thank you. It was a privilege and honor to share him! Jobie was a part of Miles City and of milescity.com--even had the T-shirt to prove it!
Thank you, Dick! I miss Jobie terribly, too, yet at the same time, I feel so blessed to have had him for as long as I did!
Thank you, Amorette! Jobie's one disappointment was always that you didn't want a kiss from him!
Thank you, David! Sharing Jobie was always a joy and we were always thankful for those that enjoyed our slightly offbeat approach to life.
Thank you, Hal! We always enjoy your posts and have great admiration for your thoughtfulness. We are happy if we brought some joy to you.
url Jobie Morris gained his angel wings on October 23, 2019 as a result of injuries sustained from sleeping wrong on October 8, 2019. Despite valiant efforts at rehabilitation, he was unable to overco + 2757 more characters
Thank you!
I have had a bit (actually, more than a bit) of extra time to contemplate things lately due to our challenging weather (my shelter being the safest place to be). I do believe that the carrot and the o + 490 more characters
Wayde was more than fortunate in life to have the family and friends that he did. He will be missed and remembered. Our heartfelt condolences to all his family and friends. It was an honor to be part + 177 more characters
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