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Thanks! The crate seems older than that to me . . . Maybe I just don't want to realize how much of an antique I'm getting to be!
This is a "fun find" from the excavations . . . a crate with 4 one gallon milk bottles. The crate is labeled New Miner's Dairy. I have no idea where the dairy was located at. If anyone has any informa + 238 more characters
Thank you for posting this, Dave. I will miss Kay. She was a very passionate individual and always did whatever she thought would help others or make the world a better place.
Thank you! I left in 1976 and was only back briefly around 1980 (waiting for my household goods to come from Germany--the Army sent them to Texas first ). I didn't come back (other than brief visits) + 57 more characters
Thanks! I believe that was Garberson Clinic. I loved Dilly Bars and Buster Bars, too! I also remember ice cream cones for a dime and baby cones were free.
Maybe this was a predecessor?
I remember going there with my Mom. We always got suckers if she was good. For some reason, I was thinking it had an interim location after being above Foster Drug and before going to the Plaza. Of c + 152 more characters
I remember it being there in the Plaza; however, I thought it was across from the old hospital before that . . .
That would be across from the old hospital? I seem to remember that was Garberson Clinic at one time; however, I could easily be wrong. It may also have changed its name. It's been so long ago. . .
I discovered two of these. I recall Garberson Clinic from my youth; however, I was gone for quite a few years and don't recall exactly when and what it transitioned into. Based on the other contents, + 226 more characters
Exactly right! As I recall, that was another of the popular messages of the day.
Today's "treasure" was a vehicle litter bag from Farm Supply Co-Op in Kinsey. Based upon the box, best guess is 1960s to 1970s. Based upon my memory of the time period, best guess is 1970s. Does anyon + 136 more characters
I did the math and this looks like "history" to me (yes, another find from the archaeological digs). Thought it was worth sharing. url
Fascinating, Gunnar! Thank you! I'm glad I missed it!
The floods sounded pretty bad from the article. There was loss of life and damage in the millions of dollars (which was a lot then). The crest at "populous Great Falls" was anticipated to be more than + 45 more characters
You're correct. Bill Nefsy owned the building and it was scheduled for demolition the following March. At that time, it was still Miles City Bank. The name changed to First Security Bank & Trust in 19 + 284 more characters
The Star's coverage was pretty phenomenal. There are two full pages of photos taken by George Larson. It was also amazing to read about all the volunteers that pitched in and the businesses that did s + 155 more characters
I believe Main and 7th is correct. The full article talks about Bill Nefsy owning the building and that there had been plans for demolition the following March to make way for construction of the new + 89 more characters
It seems that much of Main Street has been lost to fires over the years. The one I probably remember best is 2009--in part due to being older and part due to going past as I went to feed Jobie. In goi + 840 more characters
Actually a bit right and a bit wrong. I am the one that has listed it on eBay (although net proceeds go to my Dad's estate--I'm his personal representative). I also have a copy from when it came out ( + 421 more characters
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