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Dr. Jacobson It is my understanding that the Crossroads was finished in 1941. As we all know it was built out of solid lodge pole pine, What a beautiful building. Gene Larson did a pencil sketch, for + 29 more characters
Helen The story I was told in the 70's, that the Crossroads was built during WWII by Ed Love for his daughters Marnie and Dorie, so they would have a place to dance. Ed Love owned, Love motors at the + 233 more characters
Vikki: Is Bradley your married name? We had three boys when we lived in Miles City, Shanan, Patrick and Erin. They went to Scared Heart also. There were two nuns that came out to the Crossroads to eat + 185 more characters
No one will ever know, of the fond memories I have of the Crossroads Inn and the fine people of Miles City and the surrounding ranchers, I won't live long enough to tell em all. Bill all four of my so + 130 more characters
How about Scrap Iron Patch! He was inducted into the Rodeo hall of fame, he worked many rodeo's as a clown, and put Miles City on the world map.
I stumbled on this site by accident, and was surprised by all the discussion about the Prime Rib at the Crossroads. They brought back many fond memories of our years in Miles City. I moved to Miles Ci + 523 more characters
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