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Wendy, I just sent you an email. Chuck
Right on Steve, I forgot about this movie!
Was there a 'Teeter-Totter' marathon in that building, late 60's early 70's?
Love trivia!
Happy Birthday Bart!
Eric Swanson.....Mere Image
First...Seattle Summer Jam '75' BTO, J. Geils, Bob Seger, Charlie Daniels, If I remember correctly Don Kirschner made an appearance. Latest...Ozzy-Rob Zombie, did the meet and greet thing with Ozzy an + 11 more characters
Tongue makes wonderful sandwiches. The McJagger?
Mrs. Harris I think might have been behind the counter at Lincoln grocery? Also, was there a Murray family in ownership of the store? Great place to visit!
RE: ozzie 16 years ago
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Got 'em......
ozzie 16 years ago
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I am going to Ozzie/Zombie Nov. 9th in Billings....and still looking for one more ticket, seat location or dollar amount not a real big deal, thank you! CL
Pete, Was Della's Cafe close to that address? Chuck
Fond memories, As a child we lived across the alley from Jim and Hazel, I remember Hazel would invite us children over for a Sunday breakfast every now and then. Actually even had the opportunity to ' + 129 more characters
Once upon a time a man asked a lady to marry him, She said "No", And he lived happily ever after.
Maybe the impressive indiviuals who smashed pumpkins up and down main street? Quite the piece of work.
Doug Muri
I agree, the Christmas 'censorship' is a WAY out of hand, and I might add.... " Merry Christmas " to you Paster Oyen. I heard on Paul Harvey years ago a comment regarding the abbreviation of the word + 187 more characters
RE: My ex... 17 years ago
hmmm.... the letter 'X' is SO far down the alphabet chain...coincidence?
Indeed Dona, Cold Beer is what I use too, however, I usually end up feeding on my own bait.
Or sneaking in AND out of Lisa's house....=)
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