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Yes if the owner of the office would have self quarantined and stayed home when they knew they were exposed and then sick others would not be sick!!!!
I thought on Friday, March 20,2020 at 8 p.m. all bars, restaurants, movie theaters, gyms and other gathering places were shut down to inside customers by a Governor's order, that included social dista + 291 more characters
A black dog was sighted a few miles out on the Broadus Highway running the fence line a couple different times. Went out and looked but could not find anything. Please anyone living out that way or an + 510 more characters
Reward now 400.00
Rocky is still missing with no sightings that we know of. We keep praying and are trying to stay hopeful. There is a $250.00 reward for Rocky. Thanks Scott
Rocky is still gone. Its been 24 hours. If you see her please let us know. thanks
Black Lab cross spayed female dog lost near Truscott and Seventh Street this morning. Has on pink leather collar with pink Rhinestones. Her name is Rocky. Please call 951-0332 or 951-4405 if you see h + 254 more characters
#34 Raymond or Kevin
# 14 agree Harrison
I could sit here all day long posting good and bad things about all kinds of restaurants in many different places. I won't because that would be ridiculous, rude and possibly liable. I have a feeling + 481 more characters
Possibly, it is what it is.
Correction: Killsontop picked up Etchemendy at the Golden West not the Alta.
No, I believe Holy Rosary is the largest employer in Miles City with 300 to 400 employees. Sangel only has around 100.
My family and I love the Ironhorse. We eat there a couple times a week. The food is great. The ribs, steaks, hamburgers and gyros are the best in town. The atmosphere is quiet and the fire is warm. I + 263 more characters
To me it did not look like Ada was a poorer community then ours? I'm not sure how you came to that. They had 14.7 million in reserves for their hospital at one point. Also, to set the record straight + 425 more characters
They passed up some really great candidates for this guy. There were over a 100 candidates to choose from. One of the candidates was even raised in Miles City and his family still lives here. He is do + 961 more characters
Just thought I would make one small little correction to a previous post. Rick should have corrected it himself. The poster wrote "your employer" when refering to Rick. Rick no longer works for Holy R + 204 more characters
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