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Your welcome, Bitch.
You know this sickens me. I am a veteran, served through wartime ( Afghanistan, Iraqi freedom) with my ENTIRE deployment with the military served overseas. I appreciate the gratitude of a fellow Ameri + 765 more characters
And all of you believe the media “news” is real! Your all retarded! Dig deeper and get out of your shells you moronic yards!
I would guess by invasive species your speaking of BLM or Antifa? Though in MC NONE of you have even actually seen with your own eyes what it is right? (I don’t live there yet keep up with the beautif + 121 more characters
I am truly opposed to conflict being a veteran myself whom has been on 2 tours with my entire deployment after basic and A school being served over seas. But I’m sorry I didn’t realize MC is such a li + 741 more characters
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Brand new! Never fired! Still in the box. Taken out, assembled. Put back away. Has threaded barrel allows for interchanging MaraPro Chokes. GPS Tactical Shotgun 12GA 2-3/4- and 3-inch shells GPS Recei + 476 more characters
Sold, sold, sold…
I have here a beautiful restored butchers block that took me about a year off and on to get it where it is. It is 4ft long, 3ft wide, 3 inches thick. This is not a cheap piece of junk but a VERY heavy + 617 more characters