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What part of Ca are you from? I have to tell you the people in the town of Miles City are amazing and i love that the 'big city' life has not found Miles City yet. You could say it moves at a slow pas + 275 more characters
Is Dale Oberlander still with MCC? Just curious, thanks for you help and input! It looks like a very good school!
you have got to be kidding me? He was one of he reasons i got into radio! It has been a very hard struggle but fun. WOW again thanks for the info!
can i say happy belated b-day to me? DEC 26th :-)
Very curious when the new station will be up and running and if they will be needing people to help with day to day operations? -J
What about U2, the new album and the collection of hits is very fun!
A responce to the person who said they used to listen to KATL for request back in HIGH SCHOOL! I remember that and it seemed to be fun to listen to, there was a guy who owned a roller skating rink in + 126 more characters
I have worked in several top 30 radio markets and I have to ask where did hot country 92.5 go? I was just back in Miles City and miss it very much. I wonder what it would take other than huge heaps of + 164 more characters
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