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1. Marijuana, yes you can eat it!!!! 2. Vonda Shepard 3. Bible(Not to read but to use the pages as rolling paper) 4. [DELETED BY WEBMASTER] 5. Any adult female member of the Bonine family(well, if the + 307 more characters
I had crickets once, but a shot of Penicillin took care of that.
This is all my fault becuase I prefer vaginas
How is this all my fault? Just because Miles City is so scared and uncomfortable about things that the citizens cannot understand.
I don't really concern myself with the trivial details. I know what I like.
Bonine, do you have any daughters, sisters, maybe a mother? Maybe I could bring them over to play for our team? Sometimes there is just something about the way that one woman can touch another woman, + 27 more characters
Well, drag me behind a pickup, tie me to a fence post, and shoot me in the head. They do that in wyoming right?
I guess that by the time Miles City ever has another roller rink, real swimming pool, or sane city government, my Sexuality will be accepted. Why is lesbian such a bad word?
I dont know, maybe not. Perhaps it won't be accepted.
You should open one Cheryl!! Would it be lesbian friendly? Perhaps one night a week gay/lesbian?
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