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ok was not drinking but did get your attention i am a mc looking to see what happens the web site is your comp let me know 406-498-6503 perfectly child and adult user friendly
i have aan i idddea to make some call me 406---498-6503 i have talked to a gennttlemam I know you are smarter call me
While she was "flying" down the road yesterday, a woman passed over a bridge only to find a cop with a radar gun on the other side lying in wait. The cop pulled her over, walked up to the car, with th + 754 more characters
The correct term is Insurable Interest. I can carry contents coverage on my Business Personal Property, Business Interruption for when I am shut down. Most small storefront business owners carry a BOP + 2009 more characters
I'm not saying it is ok to lie. I can handle if you tell me I look like crap for a better word. It is what it is. If someone asks "how they look ?" They are really looking for a compliment IMO. So the + 290 more characters
Tempest. How do you know what kelsee point was regarding thefts and police. Is it right what happened. No. What good would a camera do? It would get stolen or vandalized, so why throw good money after + 957 more characters
Josh has and always will speak the truth. annoying, only if it hurts. Why sugar coat it. To make you feel warm and fuzzy. I always laugh at people like you Kelsee, you get something that you worked fo + 737 more characters
Dave, I briefly looked through the law again. it states that a lease had to be for 5 years. I do recall seeing something at the dealership I was at that stated you had to have a 60 month note. I know + 555 more characters
Mabye off the point. But, i was selling cars when the cash for clunkers program was out. A few of the people I sold to were pissed when I told them one requirement was that they had to finance the dif + 580 more characters
Does the chamber still do Business of the year? If so all who built or rebuilt should win hands down for investing back into Miles City.
Richard, I assume and you know what happens then. Espicially to me. Was the name Sara P. IMHO.
The good about Walmart If you buy a belt you don't have to worry about an animal being killed. they aren't leather and don't last. The service only gets worse in the bigger cities. I wish we had the + 473 more characters
Gunnar, I don't mind paying taxes. What frustrates me is the lack of accountability of where the money is spent and how much. The idea seems to be at all levels of Government is. We did not run our pa + 1147 more characters
America is the freest Country on earth. Not. Their was a post on here about Jury duty. I stated it is your right and duty to be on a jury. Hits closer to home when my wife receives a letter for jury d + 1265 more characters
The original post was to see if their was a need for the service from a local person wanting to start a business. I'm all for competition, but posting a Billings Business on here and telling them to a + 123 more characters
I know, this is a very serious subject. It should be taught at home. I do have a suggestion for safe sex. Marriage Its all gone for the most part.
Best roast beef sandwich i have had is at Paul Bunyans in Butte. with onions, green peppers and cheese. A 16 inch sandwich will get two meals.
jim, while I agree with your post. I coached Brandon he was a great peson I remember his broken arm in the eight grade. I respect his family. with that said, their has been conversation about warning + 334 more characters
Thanks to my sister.. If my body were a car,this is the time I would be thinking about trading it in for a newer model. I've got bumps and dents and scratches in my finish, and my paint job is getting + 500 more characters
How are the Cowboys/Cowgirls going to look this fall?? Anyone have any insight.
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