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I would love to have a set of the signs. It was almost the only entertainment from Miles to Billings.
RE: Kinsey one month ago
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I wonder who had the fastest car on the quarter mile track on the Kinsey highway?
Run Jesse Run
I thought he was a bigger Dick than that.
I love it man, though I am totally embarrassed. Solutions are so easy to come by why didn't we think of it.
Is that a full Nelson or a half Nelson?
Thank you very much for the information, I have one of Dr. Savage bottles in my cabinet, found it digging in old dumps.
Didn't the Beatles sing "Happiness is a warm dump", nope guess it was a gun.
Might have been one in the Mint bar and the Moose club, wish I had a picture of one, foot pedal was probably a clutch pedal, would be willing to pay 500 dollars if anyone knows where one is at. Thank + 4 more characters
In the days when you had to use a can opener to open a can of beer, my father, Clyde White made some can openers that were foot operated. They were about three feet high and you put your can in the sl + 193 more characters
You know MC.Com I remember saying just that when I was a kid, now I would take the girl. Imogene and I were childhood friends. I lived on Woodbury and she lived on Garland. One year we collected sugar + 209 more characters
OMG I'm before Is a wonderful life, no one goes that far back.
Positive comments on Uncle Donald are hard to come by these days.
I would say Dick Wad
You could use that hammer on your head, might let in some sense, eh probably not.
Little girls have pretty curls but Ray Moore likes them all.
Mr. Reed made the best milk shakes in town. Mr. Lawlor was a great billard player and snooker was not my game. spent a lot of time there, slot track must have been late 65 or 66.
Dog catcher, is that an elected position? That could just be the ticket for some one with extensive background in law and order.
There were two small stores on Woodbury, Bickels and Burges, I know I mis-spelled both, I used to crawl under railroad cars to get to Burges when the train was across the tracks.
I'm sorry but are Books next, there are confederate names all over the place.
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