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I remember the yellowstone flooding all the way to the garfield school.
Is there still a lunch counter in Big Sky, I know Woolworths had one but I think Fosters did to.
Doesn't the pedestrian arch resemble the arch for the entrance to the tourist park, I wonder if it is the same.
It's just the flu, sad state we are in, not Montana but the globe.
I believe the ice house was on the southwest side of town over by the old OK corral, went there with my father, I think it was an old two story frame building that was full of river ice.
In 1954 my father let Gene Autry use our small travel trailer for a dressing room at the fairgrounds. I remember he signed his name on the back of one of the doors in the trailer. Wish I had some phot + 26 more characters
Lime and coke, if you add chocolate it was a muddy river.
Amorette, I love you, you are on track with Miles of old. There were four houses at the riding academy, I wonder how many Whorses they had there?
If you couldn't find love at Kelly's you were looking in all the wrong places. I only spent one summer there but the ladies of Miles City were fine, fine, fine. I do remember Leotta Bradley rushing in + 72 more characters
Old enough to remember the Tongue River Clinic.
No, actually they were more like attractive black goddesses, for Miles they were quite nice. To bad you missed it.
I remember two exotic dancers in the bar one night, quite a sight for Miles City.
Just curious, for us on solid ground, how much does quake insurance cost? Is it like flood insurance, any after shocks?
I would love to have a set of the signs. It was almost the only entertainment from Miles to Billings.
I wonder who had the fastest car on the quarter mile track on the Kinsey highway?
Run Jesse Run
I thought he was a bigger Dick than that.
I love it man, though I am totally embarrassed. Solutions are so easy to come by why didn't we think of it.
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