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Am I the only one that cant wait to read the headlines about these kids getting run over and the courts using the information from this site to clear the driver .
Wow. " Just build us a Skate park " Kindof demanding dont you think. Children please. Why should we all give up our hard earned money so you can go have a place to play. You need to pull your heads ou + 348 more characters
there has also been a group of people cutting trees for firewood along the dike.
I really would like to know how many people changed the station today for the Whitney Houston hour. I understand she was an amazing singer but COME ON. This is just sad.
Oh the old play two songs at once trick. It used to happen every day at least once and sometimes for a half hour at a time.
Honestly the radio stations around this town suck. I have a big problem listening to Chris Rivera especially. Can anyone honestly sound more monotonous. Get a personality and learn how to read already + 413 more characters
Sundays are better i think.
The old railroad by Bonfield is that the trail to terry Calypso i think i heard. Or does it just go by the calypso area? And what is strawberry hill like?
Anyone know if the old honda trails are open for riding?
well the empty building would be a great place for a new casino. seems like we need a couple more anyway.
i use the wacom bamboo tablet and it is awesome. it is not really a drawing tool as it takes alot of practice to draw well with it. but for editing pictures or cleaning up lines it is awesome
the best one is the bicycles riding down the middle of the street blocking traffic. or the kids that just race across main to get to M&H without looking.
Earling and Main ST the trees by watts insurance are very hard to see around. Main and Seventh. There are constantly cars parked in the no parking zone at the pharmacy.
watch out for this one too
my personal opinion is that most of the chickens would be running all over town throughout the day and honestly who wants chicken crap covering any part of their lawn or concrete. they are disgusting + 102 more characters
the new steakhouse by the montana is pretty awesome. and they seem to be open regularly
i agree with the fact that it isnt the checkers fault that are there. but why is it that there are three csms and managers or whatever theyre called walking around and standing at the little podium ch + 476 more characters
we always just turned rocks over and grabbed them as they tried to get away
shower feels different than normal. almost like the water has gotten harder or softer either way it is different. and lots more air bubbles almost carbonated out of the tap.
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