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If you have a computer, printer, or software that still works and would like to donate it, Computers4Kids in Billings, MT accepts these items. They accept certain older items to break down and be recy + 551 more characters
EMI does accept clothing and household items. The clothing that cannot be sold at Woods 'n Goods or made into rags is baled and sold to a firm in Seattle that distributes the clothing overseas. Cloth + 177 more characters
EMI does not recycle tin cans. The only metal EMI recycles is aluminum pop cans. We do not take any other form of aluminum. For a complete list of items we recycle, please visit our website. url
We still have some spots available for the Friday, November 27 shoot in Miles City at Discovery Pond. Call EMI at 234-3740 to make appointments.
We still have openings for both days in Glendive and the day after Thanksgiving in Miles City. Call EMI for an appointment at 234-3740. Thanks!
EMI would just like to let everyone know that we are no longer accepting glass for recycling. If you would like to view a detailed list of the items we still recycling please visit url. Thanks!
We still have spots available! Also, 1/2 hour sitting includes as many people as you would like to be in the photos. You can also take a few photos with just the kids, and then some with the whole fam + 122 more characters
This year EMI will be doing a Christmas Photo Fundraiser with Kara Phillips from On The Move Photography. This is a special offer of $100 that includes the sitting fee, a CD with all the images from t + 470 more characters
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