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Ranch Rose: As a fellow RN (assuming you are an RN). I say SHAME ON YOU for acting this way and being so nasty and unprofessional on a public forum. Any RN that cares about their career and profession + 113 more characters
I think that educating food stamp recipients about proper nutritional choices would be helpful. Is there any teaching given regarding proper food choices? I see nothing wrong with food stamps, but per + 264 more characters
I really dislike Town Pump, that is the only other car wash.... miss the one at the now "ABC glass" building
There is not enough police in this town to watch out for all the kids like this. Every day they are walking down the middle of the streets, flying through un-controlled intersections, just a few examp + 450 more characters
I just saw a dog matching the description wandering around the holy rosary walking path. Just now between friendship villa and the mental health center. Hope its her!!
I was there with Cubby, we and others in the restaraunt saw the kids run out the door and the lady chase after them. Then she came back in and said one didnt pay. It is possible she was mistaken and d + 149 more characters
I am definatley not the religious sort, but i had the priveledge of hearing this woman speak at the Pregnancy Outreach Clinic fundraiser. She is very informed and intelligent. An excellent speaker, gi + 94 more characters
Friendship Villa Heath Care Community offers daycare and respite services. Contact Beth Ann at 874-2687 for details
Call Shirley (Shirley's Sweet Shop) at 234-1409.
I'm not gonna lie, some of the wait staff at "the restaurant that closes at 2pm" definately could use a new attitude. A few of them seem to despise the fact that they are at work, and others have a re + 100 more characters
My sister-in-law is having trouble getting a DVD to play with her new lap-top (windows 8).
Cactus Plains, what world do you live in? Contrary to popular belief, Influenza is mostly a respiratory illness. I am unsure of where the ideology began that having a stomach virus meant one had the " + 403 more characters
Discovery pond is on Main and 9th street.
Discovery Pond is an awesome place to visit! The ice cream is the best reason to go but they also have a great book selection, neat toys you don't find anywhere else in town, pet department (what kid + 321 more characters
Some of my co-workers and I went to the Iron Horse for lunch yesterday. All I can say about the food and the service is... NOT IMPRESSED!!! The staff seemed bored and annoyed that we were even there. + 310 more characters
Reminder that even though there is not much (or any) snow, it is REALLY slick out there. Please drive safely!
It is well worth the drive to Forsyth to see Dr. Dill. I personally don't recommend Dr. King.
I am pretty sure they want you to Bring Your Own Baby!
Trick or treating starts at the Friendship Villa at 5:30.
I am not sure about what's going on with the Boardwalk. The 600 Cafe closes at 2pm daily. BEST chicken fried steak in town!! The hole in the wall (next door) is open on certain nights for supper, I th + 18 more characters
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