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Gee, Lil, Sis! Now I know the secret Family recipe!!
So, Brian. Are you saying that if there was a tragic car accident in the area, the local car dealers should not be allowed to sell automobiles???? The MCYHA is a very worthwhile organization for yout + 407 more characters
So...where's the web cam? I was putting up lights all day yesterday in shorts and a tank top, and was really looking for some inspiration!!!
Mark, I take offense to your comment about "Texas morons". Some of your fellow Miles City ans DO live in Texas!
Love to click on every now and then to keep up on what's happening. I wanted to know what ever happened to the Cherry Creek Reservoir project, and if it went bust what happened to all the mon + 37 more characters
[deleted - duplicate]
Can you send me directions?
A texan!
Hello Bobbi, I just wanted to personally Thank You for all the work you have put into this. I for one am aware that you have worked on it for over a year!!! Thanks again!
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