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I'm not exactly sure what crazy things Chipmunk Ninja did as a kid, but I think they involved large amounts of parental neglect and very few hugs.
"Chipmunk Ninja sucks at life." ~ Pretty much everyone
Chipmunk Ninja isn't a very nice lady.
By the way, you said that "Everyone knows that selling/providing alcohol to persons that are underage is illegal, even if they are your own children." Obviously you didn't read your statute very well. + 24 more characters
Chip, Looks like someone learned to directly cut and paste from Wikipedia! Next time it would be nice if you would at least rephrase it. Seriously, I'd love to continue to chat about Criminal Law with + 99 more characters
Wow, Chipmunk Ninja, is that a legal argument you are making? "You're dumb." Good one, good one!
I agree that Chipmunk Ninja is certainly entertaining. However, he attempts to go beyond entertainment by providing legal information mixed with advice. He is not and never will be a lawyer. I am quit + 858 more characters
Right on, poisonspaghetti. I don't think I'll get my legal advice from chipmunk ninja, either!!!!
Of course it is terrible that the women encountered difficulties with their surgeries. At the same time, being morbidly obese isn't exactly good for you. Obviously, you have to balance the need for th + 133 more characters
Are you a lawyer, chipmunk ninja?
A friend of mine was arrested this weekend for providing her teenage children with alcohol at their house. It was a safe situation and all the kids were staying the night, so they wouldn't be driving. + 100 more characters
Amorette, I'm glad we have optimistic people like you and Randy in Miles City. I'm sure the swearing "hoods" you're referring to are representative of most of the junior high. On second thought, maybe + 642 more characters
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