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Located in E Laurel, just past Billings, we spent a few hours yesterday at the 4th Annual Wienerfest! There had to have been over 100 Dachshunds at that fun event of all shapes, mostly of the longer s + 1036 more characters
If anyone has a couple of hungry goats, my sister is looking for some lawn mowers out at her place. She lives on the Mizpah Road not in town. PS: David, that video was super cute.
The end of the blow dart was green. Thanks to you Allison for coming over and to Ryan for taking the squirrel away. It was so sad to see the squirrel suffer as I was waiting for help. I was worried it + 88 more characters
Cassie! OMG...I'm so sorry to hear about Kristopher!!! I loved Kristopher when he was just a little fella in Head Start! He had the best smile and the sweetest attitude! A great kid all around! Words + 153 more characters
Web Master...I was advised by your contact us window to use this forum to request a name change on my account. I did leave you a message via contact us, please look for details there.
Orders of Protection are not obtained through the police. They are filled out by the petitioner and signed by a Judge. They are enforced by law enforcement.
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