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Just thought every one should know this. Don't bother applying at the Rib & Chop House. You won't be getting anywhere near the wage that it says in the ad in the paper. My husband worked there for a y + 382 more characters
Exactly how is that "Disgusting Things Homosexuals Do"? It says NOTHING about the lady being a lesbian.
How much will it cost to use the gym?
Thanks. I got it last week. The cats are going in on the 20th. Hopefully they will behave themselves
I sent you an email. :-)
i have 2 male cats that i need to either get fixed or get rid of. the husband and i kind of want to get them fixed and see how they are afterwards.
being an ass gets you nowhere either
maybe customers should be nicer to the cashiers and we will actually be able to keep them. it does no good to yell at the cashiers about stuff, they can't do anything about it.
Sundays are always the worst. They never have enough cashiers scheduled and most areas are running with half or less of their people. Not to mention that we have been losing people (mostly the unloade + 425 more characters
Miles City Walmart can't get stuff on the shelves because it can't keep employees. Then the people they do have get pulled to other departments to work and then there is no one in that department. TLE + 284 more characters
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