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That's dumb. You are egging him on. I am just answering a fellow animal lovers post.
I love geese. I am thinking about a few Indian runner ducks all the grandchildren and neighborhood children will love them to work with me in the garden. I am truly happy that Miles City does have goo + 121 more characters
Gunner you have posted a very inappropriate response on Miles City. Com calling me at crazy cat lady Crazy Goat lady and thinking ship and I would be a match made in heaven. Now first of all I don't t + 194 more characters
I'm sorry McGee for posting my last post. I should have been more sensitive. I am just tired of all the stupid comments people have made. Yes Truth an Honest does win in the end. I would like to invit + 327 more characters
Oh McGee I would not have expected such inappropriate posts from you especially after your confession on milescity.com of a sad childhood.
How bout you come by and see my property. No it is not like "you know who's". And if you would like I have many photos of the mess that is zoned vacant land before the city forced him to clean it up. + 50 more characters
For those of you in the community who are wondering why I do not have a permanent order of protection against Todd Schwab. It is because I have gone to Sonata and the courts and because I do not have + 1167 more characters
Wow Todd Schwab you really are obsessed. Here I am walking over to my house on a beautiful sunny day with my kitties filming you as instructed by the police officers from the time I leave the house ti + 563 more characters
Admit it Todd Schwab you are so in love with me that you cannot stand it. My husband offered to buy your property for what you paid for it you have also had several people make you offers to buy your + 520 more characters
There you go being a liar again you said it was your last post. You are such an obssed liar. I have always suspected you were secretly in love with me. Just like when you had to come and tell me about + 863 more characters
Hey dude my smartphone is not so smart. The auto correct changes spelling all the time. And quite frankly I don't give a damn. I have been harrassed by a derranged psycho for years now. And you think + 89 more characters
You are one sick sore looser. I highly doubt this is your last post. You have been harrassing me for years, assaulting me, your dogs killing and attacking my animals, lying to the police, calling the + 603 more characters
Dear McGee, I beg to differ. Maybe you should come meet me. Sincerely Ranch Rose
Hey Brenda I see you just showed back up. Are you and Todd planning another assault on me. See I have your M.O. now. You will never have the chance to attack me or my animals again and lie to the poli + 309 more characters
David Schott thanks you for posting your video on Dirty Deeds with Sheep that Todd Schwab liked so much. Shows what a sick person he really is.
PSSS Todd Schwab FYI I don't make deals with the devil. I know you have been trying to get my property for years. you are so predictable.
PSS Todd Schwab you should Google your arrest records and prison time spent for drug related offences.
Schwab you are one sick twisted puke. Have you been over boinking my goats and posting them on your internet porn site. OMG what kind of sick monster are you? Sickening@$$&$#@
Sorry Todd Schwab I scanned your rambling of a mad man. Wow even more lies and fabrication.I hit a police car! What an immagination you have. I could point out the truth in all of them but unfortunate + 1424 more characters
Thank you. I'm not upset. Just practicing my first amendment rights. I am tired of Schwab's bulling me. Just because I am a woman and an RN does not mean I am to shut up and take the it. Besides my at + 35 more characters
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