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One thing about Shipley getting elected for anything in Miles City, there will be something to read every day in the Star.
It's about time to start cutting projects that are wasting tax payer dollars. If Fort Keogh is so important then privatize it and make a profit. [Edited by redmondroughneck (5/28/2017 11:11:59 AM)]
David,had it been a democrat the headline would have been, "Reporter attacks the democrat running for congress.".
If this was a Democrat I doubt this thread would have even started.
Why don't you google how many were fired under Obama and Clinton. You might get a surprise.
Democrats need a little introspection I wonder what the reaction of the Star and other media would have been if after President Obama's elections, republicans had taken to the streets with signs sayin + 672 more characters
Both of you have a great time!
I have to vote for Hilary as our next Queen. She worked so hard and it is her birth right.
Rob, I will give you 10 cents for everything if you will clean the house before you leave. How in the world did you get 30 people to vote for you? [Edited by redmondroughneck (11/4/2015 11:55:59 AM)]
A very good Principal. When he was Vice-Principal he wasn't the man you wanted to see. He was tough. I had him as a my driver training teacher.
Go around the corner to the Mayor's home and you will see why the city doesn't do anything with Shipley's yard. The Mayor has a used car lot on his property.
Did any of the 7 graduate from high school?
I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the mayor was not the only vote to decide who was going to be the next Chief.
It's amazing the number of people who can't spell FOX. Kind of tells you their education level.
Should the release of 5 high level detainees back to the enemy be considered aiding the enemy considering Bowe Bergdahl is now facing desertion charges. The President made a serious error in judgement + 1 more characters
When your are not educated it's tough to watch Fox News.
I am just glad to see that at least we have 47 people in government with some guts.
I guess the congress decided to use their phone and pen, just like the President.
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