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The rumor was that Jimmy Hoffa's body was buried at Mar-a-Lago. Do we know if they found it?
What a bunch of morons!
You can cross our borders illegally today and receive tons of benefits, but you are not allowed to visit our U.S. Capital?
Texas just shows us we need more solar panels and wind turbines for power.
Just because the people of Custer County voted for Trump doesn't mean they are all Republicans, it just means that they wanted someone capable of running the country unlike the person who was elected.
Is this a joke?
Well if protests are encouraged, why not all rally's?
Why not clean up your property for the enjoyment of the rest of the people who live in Miles City?
Finally, someone with a brain in Miles City.
I think Trump was caught "Jay Walking" today. The Dem's are proposing a public hanging.
Miles City must be full of idiots!
One thing about Shipley getting elected for anything in Miles City, there will be something to read every day in the Star.
It's about time to start cutting projects that are wasting tax payer dollars. If Fort Keogh is so important then privatize it and make a profit. [Edited by redmondroughneck (5/28/2017 11:11:59 AM)]
David,had it been a democrat the headline would have been, "Reporter attacks the democrat running for congress.".
If this was a Democrat I doubt this thread would have even started.
Why don't you google how many were fired under Obama and Clinton. You might get a surprise.
Democrats need a little introspection I wonder what the reaction of the Star and other media would have been if after President Obama's elections, republicans had taken to the streets with signs sayin + 672 more characters
Both of you have a great time!
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