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Actually, I have been there quite a bit over the last year and I think the food is great! They will even make things that aren't on the menu to accommodate a customer. The owners are quite friendly an + 88 more characters
Dr. Mac is wonderful! I recently had surgery and him and his staff were very caring professional and upfront about everything that was going to go on. Dr. Mac's wife who works w him is also wonderful. + 368 more characters
The comments were never intended to sound "funny" but if it entertained a few people and made some of you laugh....well laughter is a good thing in life. Not when it involves embarrassing your child + 62 more characters
Actually, I think its sad that one parent has to act as if he can do no wrong and is the perfect parent and at the same time he is trashing the other parent. Your kids will most likely read this if th + 294 more characters
Thank you to Eric and Justin at the Miles City Ambulance service. I and my family very much appreciate your professionalism and your patience. Hopefully we wont have to use your service anytime soon b + 74 more characters
The kittens are doing great. One has been adopted out and we have 2 left. IS anyone interested in adopting these kittens? I would prefer they go together as they are very attatched to each other. Call + 9 more characters
I am not sure of who the girl is but she has been in my prayers. As I watched the ambulance load her up on the stretcher, I was thinking about that could have easily happened to one of my kids. Obviou + 272 more characters
Thank you to the lady who found our dog!!! She seems to have had quite an adventure. Despite being very muddy,her collar has disappeared as well.
thank you
i would like to point out that she is very friendly, but might bark at you on first sight
she was last seen near the corner of leighton and sewel and has been spotted in the nearbye area
she is a 7 month old corgey/australian sheperd mix and has a tan cot with a white bottom and a white spot on the back of her neck. she answers to the name of lily and is a fairly small dog. if you hav + 67 more characters
She is a corgey/australian sheperd mix and answers to the name of lily. she is a fairly small dog with a tan coat with a small white spot on the back of her neck. Lily is 7 months old. if you have any + 52 more characters
I think you guys with pets that are putting lanlords own because they wont rent to you is very immature. If you dont like it, buy a house. We do run a business and we have the choice as to whether we + 265 more characters
At $25 per pet, that's $300 per year. Add a $200 deposit and you're getting $500 extra per year. You'd be making money. Have you priced carpet lately??? To purchase and have it installed is quite ex + 165 more characters
My son has been a skateboarder all his life. We once investigated the Tony Hawk foundation grant money although we were not sure we would stay here in Miles City. I would be very interested in helping + 147 more characters
Isn't this what they are insured for? Doesn't the insurance cover the coast of clean up?
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