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Peter, Paul and Mary were icons of the 60's and 70's with their blend of harmony, humor and political satire. I saw them in concert in San Diego in 1968 and they were absolutely wonderful! Mary made f + 414 more characters
Maryann: Irene Hoffman was an instrumental instructor for me as well--besides being a faculty brat and knowing her from childhood, she was most instrumental in getting me to a point where I didn't run + 356 more characters
Certainly, Mary would be flipping out! I am amazed myself!
I am planning on being in Miles City this weekend (reunion) and was wondering if this restaurant is still in operation? If so, does anyone know what their hours are? The website doesn't have them post + 70 more characters
You know you are from Miles City when: - You remember Bill's Mini Market at both locations (a block from each other on East Main). I just remember the one. - You've ever gone to the dangerous flumes + 6266 more characters
slim to slid
Actually, Dora DuFran, a famous Madam who was best friends with Martha Jane Cannary (known better as Clamity Jane) had a brothel in Miles City for a time--before marrying a much younger man and return + 1013 more characters
I think it would be very interesting to go through the old photos--we used to have some from really early productions, but my Mom threw them away when she became ill and moved to Washington. I remembe + 310 more characters
Mayor Grenz also made the front page of the Great Falls Tribune today. Seems like the residents of Miles City need to field a few more candidates to run the City. Isn't there a mayoral election coming + 9 more characters
Bart: I have been in touch with Denise and offered my services to scan photos or photograph old posters or whatever surfaces. I can make a trip to Miles City quite easily, since I live in Great Falls, + 405 more characters
Amorette: Have you heard back from Denise Hartse? Maybe she could email me directly... Barbara
Dana: How totally cool! I moved to Great Falls after living in Eden Prairie, Minnesota for twenty-three years. I have really enjoyed being back in Big Sky Country--Mom always said you can take the gir + 552 more characters
Yes, Sarah (Bruce's daughter/my neice) will be at Bozeman next year, and my son Kris will start there in January 2007. His major will be Sociology/Criminal Justice, whereas hers will be film. I don't + 339 more characters
Well, we are sort of planning a Boe kid reunion in Miles City and will be in the area in April (hopefully) and it would be so fun to be able to sort through and find pictures of plays we were in or wo + 265 more characters
As a former member of the Barn Theatre for many years, having grown up in that illustrious group, I was wondering if anyone knows what happened to the photos that were taken of Barn Theatre production + 440 more characters
As a Montanan born-former Eden Prairie resident, I concur with the statement that being able to go to a restaurant and not have to smell second-hand smoke while trying to eat your meal is wonderful! + 1266 more characters
Frankly, I have to say why bother coming forward after all these years? His motivation is suspect to me, at least, and it's almost as though he is seeking glorification now, at the end of his life, ra + 668 more characters
Amorette: Well, I did know that actually, and was going to ask you how the ghostly activities were progressing in your house? I believe you did tell me you had at least one... Also, I connected with a + 155 more characters
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Just enjoyed reading so many of the posts... Amorette, glad to see you have your mother's sense of humor! I loved what you did to Bart to raise money for the school! And to think I used to babysit you + 640 more characters
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