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Try one of those prepaid phones... My son bought his own for around 40 bucks.. NET10 brand I think.. came with 300 minutes...
dare you to keep your eyes open the next time you sneeze
Glendive Sux!!! Actually I think its the power of the internet to be able to interject your TRUE feelings or thoughts or opinions without having to worry about restraint... because of the anonymity of + 638 more characters
over-qualified is good lol
It would be a single person, and hopefully someone local or close to local. Our current programmer was in Oregon,and now resides in Tulsa, OK, and with the changes and modifications we need for our so + 277 more characters
Hi... We are looking for a programmer efficient in C and/or C++ to help us rewrite our current software. Will be able to use existing code to help the process. In our program we also utilize Crystal R + 186 more characters
there you have it... if you aint goin to Heaven.. then you will be destined to spend eternity stuck in an endless grocery store checkout line...
I got stuff.. mainly its all of my kids.. slideshows and videos put to music, but there are a few "Movies" or clips from the movies I made with them... url enjoy
now im hungry
that pic reminds me of this one.... Why did the pervert cross the road? (ADd punchline here)
i wouldnt make an issue of the "GVC's Wife" thing.. thats just prolly using his account to logon and post and read the forums.. just ease of use i think... As for Mr Hay.. I have to agree... I see him + 358 more characters
um.. not trying to fuel any fires here... but.. just curious really.. a lot of people are saying a lot of things about mr brandt.. yet we still havent heard his side of things...maybe he just hasnt th + 363 more characters
Just being silly here.. but seems to me that if anybody needs a good PI, there are some to be found in MC... lol
Me... lol... I do it part time. I had made up a lot of flyers to post on the various corkboards around town, but within a few days, someone came around and they ALL vanished, lol.. so now its just wor + 13 more characters
harold & kumar what? WHAT!!??
"Cat's Eye" I think it was.. the whole movie was 3 or four mini-movies that kinda followed this cat in his travels to different locations....
nuttin like a good... buck... in da mornin!
A reflection caused a major multi-car accident on the freeway on an old episode of CHIPS.. I stopped watching tv because of that...
oh man.. this is funny.. Mr Rob... it wasnt spelling or grammar or anything like your long response to what I wrote ,.. to understand what I wrote about the fugeecles.. you have to READ my words... re + 268 more characters
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