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I think the city needs tO take a D9 cat to all parks and make them flat like a pancake. Turn them all into condos or parking lots and call it good. Put a sign up that reads, Closed until when ever, do + 51 more characters
Thank You for posting. One Nation under God.
I am so sorry for being taken by this or helping this womon. She has alot of friends on facebook that said that she does have cancer.It makes me sick that someone would use her children like this.Beli + 38 more characters
I looked up and Lance Armstrong cancer foundation and yes there is cancer foundation that do help a great deal if you have cancer in ever thing area that you need help in. I called them + 675 more characters
Thanks Josh everyone click on Josh's last post. This is her last chance she has been fighting cancer for years now! So please stop the scam remarks because I do not lye I am just would like to help a + 596 more characters
[deleted - long link] Here is the site if you wish to help her out.
I should be better for her sake on all of this on paypal there was alot more that she sent me on facebook. I will try to get someone to help me copy it and post it. Her address is right. She is not a + 431 more characters
Krissie Reeves Maas grew up in Mile City Montana and has raized five children. She lost her husband and has raized these wonderful children on her own for year. She now is in a fight for her life with + 427 more characters
Happy Mothers Day to all you wonderful ladies that are mothers out in this world. Thank you for all that you have do. Please list your thanks to your mother. My mother had 10 children and worked so ha + 195 more characters
Sound good to me John. If anyone wants to help clean up call me at 234-0019 John is right we all need to just get it done.I went and cleaned up a pickup full today and only cost $3.00 at the dump.I wa + 440 more characters
Madora North Dakota it has the state park and a wonderful outside show and steak fry and rides along the river.My family and I went to it and just fell in love with the town.
Gunnar. I do not mean to judge anyone. I would just like to find that person who drank up all that beer and ate all of Windy,s and Pizza Hut and all the other tons of just trash and kick the living sh + 415 more characters
I would like to ask people if they could help keep the rivers clean. Every time I go down to the river any where it is like a dumping ground of beer cans and trash of all kinds.These places along the + 352 more characters
Tamera lives in Miles City with Kewe Pete a tree cutter 232-7029 and Randy is living in North Dakoda if you want to call me and I will give you his address.He does not like his phone number or address + 296 more characters
Poor Jim I hope that it did not leave a mark to much on you.But I see that it did.The bus did not run and we had hunting dogs in that bus for the hard winter.We made alot of money with those dogs so w + 853 more characters
Thank for the story about Frank and for Sheral finding her long and lost family.Her mother could have done that about 20 years ago and like I said we are in the phone book so if any more write on this + 495 more characters
Degererate sons and daughters life is to strong for you. It takes life to love life. The greatest is love,hope and joy.
To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die.
Where are Elmer,Herman,Bert,Tom,and Charley.The week of will,the strong arm,the clown,the boozer,the fighter? All,all are sleeping on the hill.Masters Edgar Lee
I love this web page. This is more interesting than any soap opera.I am one of the Bair family. I am Tom Bair and I do not know what old Chuck Chuck was talking about my little brother Frank and how h + 298 more characters
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