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Hahahaha! Beautiful swim lake??? Its anything but beautiful!! Have you seen what is floating around in there? Its gross! If anything needs to be shut down its the Oasis!!
Have you approached the coach about his behavior? Do you know for a fact that he is a sexual predator? They do have all the offenders on one site so it could be that he isn't a sexual offender! Rantin + 459 more characters
And that surprises you???
It all goes back to a powerful last name these two families had backing them up! It's sad it comes down to who your related to verses what's right or wrong! Sickening that a last name has that much po + 161 more characters
So what I'm understanding is if Coach Engstrom didn't expect anything from the girls, didn't push them, played everyone, no matter if they had the skills or not, lost every game, and hugged and kissed + 532 more characters
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