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url Interesting 2008 article. Long, but worth reading. It addresses so many of the facets of the issue.
I do believe a person can will their estate to whomever they wish. They just need to make sure they have a will. I know that a person can designate whomever they wish to make their end of life decisi + 451 more characters
Since you were discussing the mosque in New York... url US govt sending ground zero mosque imam to Mideast The imam behind controversial plans for a mosque near the site of the Sept. 11 attacks is bei + 255 more characters
Amorette, would you explain your statement "and grant women equal rights to their offspring"? It does not seem to fit your argument. Seems to me the mother has a right to choose life or death for her + 221 more characters
Back in '97 my daughter was getting eaten up by mosquitoes when we were in Miles City. Grace Hughes suggested she drink tomato juice with garlic in it. Worked wonders.
Some of the old threads are great. I must have found after this one. The X-rated 70's movie I remember that caused a stir was Woody Allen's "Every Thing You Always Wanted to Know About S + 128 more characters
The observant viewer noticed the Bible on the table that he sat on. "On a side note, I wonder if it would be reasonable to expect my children to worship me if I cut off their arms and legs." Brian, I + 177 more characters
My Mr. Boe memory is diagramming the longest sentences you ever did see. I think they were from the New Yorker.
So will my Indian co-worker who is here legally on a working visa also get US citizenship? She would be so happy.
Cute. Did no one else read into this that they are going to train community college kids how to run programs that will decide what medical treatment you will receive?
I read this in the Bellevue Reporter yesterday. Just wondering what MilesCity.commers think. url
What kind of friends do you hang out with? Are they having sex? Do you have a curfew? Do your parents "expect" that you will have sex before marriage? Do you feel close to your parents? Do you feel lo + 20 more characters
How do you say coyote? ky ote or ky otie My mom would say "mmmhello". Wonder if that is Miles City or Chicago? Similar to Levi's "mmmbye".
Just curious. Did anyone read "Sarah Palin"?
I remember. Her brother, Bob Smith, was in my elementary class. We all felt terrible.
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Xymogen SerenX did it for me during the last few month of my mom's life.
Can we just sit back and "listen" to these two men have a discussion without all the background chatter that doesn't enhance the conversation?
When I was choosing cloth vs. disposable 20 years ago, the estimate for decomposing of the disposable diaper was 85 years. I decided to use cloth as I hoped the diaper would not outlive my daughter. T + 75 more characters
I work for an electric utility. If your internet/phone provider was the power company, you would not be so happy. It only takes a limb across two of the three wires to interrupt your service for at le + 423 more characters
So next year do we continue and say twenty eleven, and so forth for the next 90 years? Hmm, not sure what I like.
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