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nicholeB. i should have read the posts a little closer to realize you were responding to mine. my apologies. i am always amazed how well the cliinics work up here and it takes a lot of manpower. i thi + 798 more characters
Well,however unwelcomed i guess.... i did try to offer a possible solution. the posts after mine decided to concentrate on continuing an earlier argument and to remind us that the post was done. Sad. + 418 more characters
its forums like this that make me appreciate volunteering for the humane society here in Helena and greatly appreciate the volunteers who work endless hours to accomodate these animals. This is a no k + 2243 more characters
i agree with you Rafe. i miss hearing you and your brother. Keep it up folks. In the words of a well known songwriter "don't it always seem to go, that you don't know what ya got til its gone"
i wanted to let the relay for life folks know that i was honored to be able to sing for the relay again this year. Being involved in this relay is worth the travel across the state. The announcement e + 186 more characters
Awesome festival. The shuttles run frequently. I believe parking is at the civic center. hope you have a place to stay otherwise, it will be hard to find a place or something of reasonable cost at lea + 319 more characters
you got to admit that that mary jane plant produces nice foilage. they probably have a card or maybe helping a neighbor in need!!!!!
Well i decided to throw in my few cents worth and i am sure will upset a few. This thread is sort of a sad commentary in many ways. we have become a society of multitaskers. we are not satisfied with + 3703 more characters
at least that way no one will notice the pools of blood left after the game is over.
the mexican place will also sing to your dad for his birthday and let him wear a sombrero. its a hoot. very good food for a reasonable price. airport inn from what i remember allows one to bring thei + 59 more characters
DPHHS which encompasses a lot of programs seems to possibly the hardest hit. it is my guess that the program you are applying to work at is under our umbrella. these were probably posted before the ne + 136 more characters
we are on a hiring freeze due to another 5-10% budget cut that just was announced this month (on top of the 7% vacancy savings and cut we faced last year. I know that DPHHS is impacted and a directive + 394 more characters
Robin was such a great colleague. in my short adjunct career at MCC she was such a great support and mentor. I know she was well liked by most of her students. She was tough and a great teacher. Very + 58 more characters
one year my mother in law gave me mousetraps. Of course it was a joke that was precipitated by the levitating feat i accomplished earlier that month after my cat had been pawing at something undernea + 301 more characters
with Netflix, i like the fact that one can rent old movies and sitcoms or series(monty python for example) that i never had time to sit down and watch when they were in a time slot. i have also been a + 608 more characters
i moved here a year ago and i agree mule deer population is huge but i can tell you that there have been sightings of bull elk in town because i have seen them. I live near the south hills area and te + 2523 more characters
i can confirm that this is a common occurance in Helena. i have lived by the capital and now my current residence near South Helena where it looks like these may be taken.(the houses look familiar) Th + 476 more characters
when i first started to read this thread i thought another place was closing down. phew!. glad to hear the food is great.
Ah i'm jealous, 80 kids? i didn't have many when i lived in Miles city with exception of a few of the neighborhood kids and few teenagers drifting with hoods and makeup on. I was excited this year wit + 223 more characters
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