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I have a 8 month old puppy that I would like to get spayed. Let me know what I need to do, to get this done. Thanks
wonder what fish and game thinks now! as usual, they are too late! now they are haveing to go around and shoot the wildlife that are suffering from getting burned and blinded from the fire, and now th + 93 more characters
I would love to have a copy!!!!! have a couple of saddles made by pete verbeck
what is the date? this coming weekend?
The Bird Dairy was sold, & became the Schlautmann Dairy, one of the last dairies operating until sometime in the 80's, may of been a dairy also in Rosebud area too. I think there were about 9 dairies + 17 more characters
RE: Liam 11 years ago
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he was a really great nice young man! prayers go out to his family! he will be missed
in total agreement! good post
various routes, I guess would depend on how far. I like the cemetery loop and running on the dike is nice, around the fairgrouds, airport hill is good if you want a tough one, and open to any other id + 4 more characters
just throwing this out there to see if there is any interest in getting together for group runs on sundays or something. would like to have runners of all abilities and ages give this a try, thank you
really going to miss going tomorrow night, I think I will go into withdrawls!!!! lol.
...... come try it out! its a great workout!!!!!!
its in the same building as miles city vision clinic, what was bills mini market
maybe you should check it out steve, it will relax your mind, bet I can still out run you, lol
am sure they belong to chizems
it is a great class, I have been in it for three weeks and am already getting into much better shape! I would recomend it for everyone. a lot easier to do in a group then on your own!
ok, ok! jana! you kicked my but tonight! what a great workout! can't wait to get into shape. never to late for people to join us! it really is a total body workout!
well! made it through the second night of boot camp! felt good even though very sore! I know I shouldn't say this jana but tonight didn't seem as hard, is that because it is already working????
what a great class, am really glad I signed up! am going to be really sore tomorrow but its a good sore! can't wait to get back into shape. I would recomend this to anyone who wants to get into shape
one more day left
was wondering if guys can join?
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