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"...we're being honest with each other. It isn't about medical marijuana, but about making pot acceptable as the basis of everyday life, as we do with alcohol." @Jeff, that is your opinion. The issue + 151 more characters
It's a Jeep thing, you wouldn't understand...
An interesting side note was the attendance at the three meetings (I attended all three). Forsyth had a terrific turnout (~75-100 people) for the size of the community and they had some strong points + 2164 more characters
The building itself is pretty much complete in its construction. There are various providers (Vision Net, Sprint, 360networks, AT&T) through this area that provide "middle-mile" network connectivity o + 725 more characters
"Yes, we have some curriculum that helps for technical folks, unfortunately they don't seem to get the participation they need from either students or faculty, although there are some very dedicated p + 792 more characters
I'll lay odds most will be some variant of Unix.
"Also, there wouldn't even be a city website without the incredible personal effort put forth by Mayor Whalen and Councilman Tony Ackerman. " While I appreciate the inclusion Steve, the City web site + 76 more characters
bucky balls (a physicist's phavorite !)
Montana Melody - Legrande Harvey (The original version from the 80's, hard to find anymore. If anyone has a copy or knows where I can find one, please contact me.)
So Hal, if collectively the bunch of us got a campaign mounted to write you in to the top spot (ignoring all that legal stuff that has to go along with it) you wouldn't pull a Lyndon Johnson on us (wo + 219 more characters
5. chicken
(damn GVC, do you know how hard it is to do diff. eq's in roman numerals????) Wish granted! Your skein of Cascade 220 has been found, as fluffy's hair ball. The whole thing, one great big huge, humung + 265 more characters
Oh, I can see already this is going to go down a wrong road... 3.) Government
Granted! You now have so much wireless signal that not only can you connect from your couch, you can connect to your access point from this galaxy! One small hitch tho', in order to prov + 492 more characters
Todd, I don't know what Tara can do, but I already spoke to Gale (my wife) and told her of your need. I'll pass on your information and we'll get in touch with what we can do. Tony
Patricia, We'll find out more of what Tara's plans are this week and relay it here. The last we spoke to her, she was still planning to keep the business in operation. Tony
Todd, Tamily, While there are points in your discussions that I do agree with, there is definitely a mindset of some of the consumers here that there nothing to be had for a reasonable price in Miles + 1437 more characters
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