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Jaycee at Imagine That does great nails ~ creative and neat!
I have been going to Nikki Harrison at Imagine That for 5 years ~ she is in the phone book ~ Her shop is on Montana ~ GREAT hair stylist ~ great lady!
our Job Service's office has great people. They will help you and give you direction! God Bless!
that has happened before ~ a few years ago it happened and when the 7th grade team came here to play ours the coaches smartly put the 8th grade team on the field while the 7th grade....
we have not gone in over a year. We use the 3 strikes you are out policy with restraunts, and they struck out hard. Rude wait people, poorly prepared food, and managements lack of willingness to deal + 106 more characters
when is the football camp for the older grades this year?
pretty sure they are not jobs here, but volunteer positions. There has been an ad in the newspaper about volunteering for it....
if this is not a gossip thread, can you not wait for the police report section of the newpaper on Monday?
anyone update?
from someone who has spent her life moving ~ Miles City is a good place to live. People are people in a small town or big town. There will always be the good, the bad, and the ugly...the small few tha + 345 more characters
they have improved it over the past year greatly...I have service all the way on the drive to Glasgow...have service in Broadus, is true right now about texting not working in Billings, it + 258 more characters
it is simple. leave something either the way you found it or better.
its posted on the link on this site ~
If someone wanted to participate using a cd track to sing ~ do they have to provide their own cd player or do you guys have equipment for that?
if you call Imagine That she may be able to do it.
RE: Suicide 12 years ago
in Current Events
I did not say evil as in something that needs to be cast out ~the term evil has many meanings. One of the meanings is "something that causes harm." THAT is what was meant by my post. I have dealt with + 199 more characters
RE: Suicide 12 years ago
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any effort to help suicide awareness is important. I would not have said MC is a retirement town as for the amount of schools and kids we have. Our High School, Middle School and Lincoln do talk and e + 802 more characters
lots of places do have them and support them and they do not get over run with drugs, alchol, ect... I would support it, I have 2 boys that would love to use it. One all the time. Working almost fullt + 131 more characters
have to get a bike lock, we have had issues and they seem deterred by locks.
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