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I agree with Gunnar and Frank but I don’t understand how Bridgier’s post isn’t considered trolling. He always chimes in in the middle of things that make very little sense. I can’t wait for the lashin + 103 more characters
The obituary said James was his brother.
Oakland is good. Dave Phipps is also good.
From what I understand the current mills being assessed were for the Lincoln upgrade. I am told that they will be coming off so if the new one is passed it will not have any affect on our taxes. Rathe + 31 more characters
I believe the bank sold that old building to a local man who has since resold it. I haven't heard who the newest owner will be but I'm sure we will find out soon.
That was a pretty big deal. I remember getting $100 an afternoon for running out near the compound where the news reporters were and bringing news footage back to town for the news station. If I remem + 89 more characters
Chuck Sawyer is very good. I don't have contact info but He sometimes runs an ad in the star for piano tuning.
Again they love to troll. It gives them a sense of being when they run people off the site with all of their jibrish.
B_Steig They are the first to whine when you troll on their threads but they don't mind trolling on yours. Lol
The meeting last night was well attended and very informative. Great job by the CCWSD. While the attendance was good I still think we can pack more people into the meeting next Tuesday. I urge everyon + 12 more characters
Bridgier If you don't have anything worthwhile to say please quit trolling this thread. It is very important for a lot of residents and we don't need your useless input deterring readers of this thre + 3 more characters
I was told last night that the Custer County water and sewer district will be holding an informational meeting regarding the city's plan for annexation on Monday the 20th at 630pm in rooms 106 and 107 + 78 more characters
Cory, If it is that easy then I surely will. I already have a well so it would be nothing to put in a septic system.
As usual. You have no meaningful content to add. That's about par.
First of all Bridgier can go fly a kite. Second IMO the city brass not being fiscally responsible enough to balance their budget should not be used to punish other citizens that paid a premium for the + 310 more characters
Thanks for the update. I would really like to know who's brilliant idea this was to start with. The officials we as county residents were not allowed to vote for somehow think they control the destiny + 17 more characters
While I don't know the website? One thing is for certain. The paper had it all jacked up. I sat through the whole meeting and the paper had maybe half of the facts correct if they were lucky. They qu + 153 more characters
I would like to thank everyone who attended or tried to attend the meeting last night and I would urge anyone who lives in the county near town to attend the March 28th meeting to keep the city from s + 102 more characters
Of course I did David. After all you know everything!
I wouldn't expect anything less from you David. My business stands for Anything For A Buck but you can throw your normal, useless jab in there as you wish. I could really care less pal. Lmao
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