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RE: folf 10 years ago
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Thanks for the information everyone.
folf 10 years ago
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Does anyone know if there is a folf course in Miles City? We wanted to folf on a brewery tour of Montana this summer.
In the Heart of the Sea was a good book. Such an interesting story.
Don, the cops can pull you over if you have expired registration stickers or no sticker at all and that was my point. It will be easier for the cops to find out who does not have insurance because the + 291 more characters
I think that is a great idea. Uninsured drivers cost us all a lot of money. This way they won't drive, will get insurance, or the cops will be able to spot them quickly.
That is the phone number for "is this your dog" and it was already determined not to be the same dog. Lost one did not have her collar on and found was had a collar. Plus the pictures don't look the s + 27 more characters
I bought this and it doesn't smell like bacon to me but than again I don't think the bacon flavored dental floss tasted like bacon either.
I'm with the Mei Mei, I think a lot of this is fact. A quick google search found the underwear thing is a myth started by critics of the church: "Mormons believe that garments provide some form of pro + 692 more characters
I studied nutrition for two years before changing majors. I had a 4.0 and I quit because people fell for programs like this, that were all lies. They ask your advice and pick something that sounds too + 108 more characters
I think they are funny. Maybe some of you need to relax a little. This program is dumb and is not safe. 2 lbs a week is safe, not in a day.
Dan, that original story said he was hit by a 15 year old girl and than by a 17 year old girl...how would they know that if no one reported anything. Seems to me they have a lot of information for no + 8 more characters
Dan, the article doesn't say they didn't report it. If you read the CNN story on this one the first car hit him, and there were two more cars behind her. The second managed to get around him but the t + 100 more characters
What Former said. Mrs. M, if the school met with the parent and agreed to the after school time, they need to stick with their promise. I would hope they would not agree to something they can't do. Th + 516 more characters
Probably not since it is not legal federally but only in certain states; in Montana you can still be fired for testing position for marijuana because it is against federal law.
Not sure how Kacey fixed the whole dinner before finding out the meat was bad... I like Reynolds, Quality Meats (old Miles City Pack) and Butcher Block for meat. They all have good products and much b + 162 more characters
I worked for a business in Miles City several years ago that did business with some of Butch's operations. I will say that most of the time I did not have a problem with how he chose to do business. H + 907 more characters
All I could find on putting your dog down was this: (4) This section does not prohibit: (a) a person humanely destroying an animal for just cause; (b) the use of commonly accepted agricultural + 217 more characters
Stewart, I think some of the responses you see on this forum are based on your words of getting "paid" to go to school. Getting paid to me says you are getting take home money; which is way different + 803 more characters
He wasn't even arrested on any charges with Wikileaks. "WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange voluntarily turned himself in last night to British police after a warrant for his arrest was put out on sexua + 342 more characters
I think it is bad due to the fact that we started limiting rights using the Montana Constitution. It leaves the door open to amend this all too valuable document for any and every tax. If I wanted to + 255 more characters
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