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In the Summertime-being kicked out the door after lunch and being told-"I don't want you sitting around watching TV all day. Don't come back until dinner". Every other parent in our neighborhood did t + 1261 more characters
Another irresponsible adult looking to profit from her own mistake. BUT...Google Maps DID NOT HAVE "walking directions" in January 2009. Walking instructions are so new on Google (in 2010), they + 166 more characters
The riff to Ozzy Osbourne's "Crazy Train" started playing quietly around the middle of this thread and now is full blast..."I'm going off the rails on a crazy train".....
I second the online newspaper idea-I think it could be a good revenue stream. The local newspaper here had an "issue" about three years ago (The wealthy Owner of the local newspaper fired some of the + 1031 more characters
and BTW...I don't know why I even bothered to respond to your odd little snipe.... I don't know that your arguments (or anyone else's) are seen as impressive by others when you veer off the topic and + 142 more characters
Richard doesn't even know me from Adam (or Eve as it were) so I doubt any cheap shots from him are going to carry any weight with me. I am SO modest that in 6 months in Europe (where more than half th + 643 more characters
The word "Manditory" is what disturbs me. I think they should let the students make the decision about whether or not they are clean enough to get re-dressed after PE with or without a shower. I think + 2628 more characters
Cracks me up every time....
Still have a sick child on my lap (she has a minor fever but since she is never sick isn't too peppy) so had to cancel all of our fun plans for the day (and evening) and here I am back on the Webcam e + 95 more characters
Thanks Josh! I had a sick kid on my lap (and was 1500 miles away) so was really grateful to watch the whole Parade on the webcam. I saw people I knew and really enjoyed it!
NY Times "Four Western oil companies are in the final stages of negotiations this month on contracts that will return them to Iraq, 36 years after losing their oil concession to nationalization as Sa + 1005 more characters
I doubt Big Oil would hold off on reaping the profits NOW (consider people like Dick Cheney who have already had a couple of heart attacks-why would he want to wait 15-20 years for the big money when + 1111 more characters
I still have no idea what is actually going on here, but thanks for the laughter I couldn't suppress as the thread grew more and more unintelligible (and the great JPEG of the Train Wreck which I will + 320 more characters
I don't know-the Bible seems pretty adament that Adam was the first man ever created (*See relevant verses below-he was created from DUST, after all) I don't want to quibble with all of the little det + 1589 more characters
What if Adam and Eve only had 2 sons, named Cain and Abel, and one of them killed the other somehow ONE MAN was thought to have populated all of Earth's People (without any women, except may + 265 more characters
Growing up in Miles City I think I thought it was pretty boring, but as a result I learned how to entertain myself and I had lots of time to read tons of books, to dream up projects, and to really get + 2218 more characters
She's raked in 12 MILLION dollars in the last 9 mo. since she resigned as Governor. Even though she has no talent, I would imagine the money is giving her some attitude! + 30 more characters
I sort of saw the Family Guy episode (DH was watching it and I was in the same room but I was on the Internet and didn't watch it closely) It was about a mean teenaged girl that Chris had a crush on, + 754 more characters
We have one of those about 35 miles away, but at $32 for each person, we don't spend more than one or two days a summer there. I must be getting old, too....when we went there a couple of years ago I + 383 more characters
In 1981 at about 8 PM I remember the thermometer at our house registered -52 degrees (we lived over by the Highland Park School). I know that is not an "official" temperature, but Brrr!
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