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BOO! That's horrible news, Henderson. I'm sorry.
For Wendy and Richard.
Wow. I wish I lived closer, had the time to commit, or both. I used to make ceramic doumbeks. Still would if the opportunity came up via a school pottery studio or the like. I wish you well with this. + 88 more characters
I don't watch the TV news because I don't beleive it. I live a busy life, so I don't have time to look at the Internets and seperate the news from the dross. Thank you again for performing this servic + 479 more characters
Thanks. This is a really good read.
Nice! Now I don't feel so bad for not understanding it. Or them Hey, do you think if they relabeled NASCAR something like OBAMACAR people would stop watching auto racing?
Our heart goes out to you, Basil, from SH School.
Who lives in a what, now?
I like "pro-birth", with "pro-fetus" as runner-up.
Besides my redundant revolutionary "Redistribution of Wealth" answer which seems to offend the empowered and those spoon-fed their collective illusion, the only thing I can offer to solve this dilemma + 164 more characters
Good clip with good points. I wanted to vote for Neil DeGrasse Tyson during the last election cycle, but I was unaware of Montana's system of "approved" write-in candidates. I seem to recall that Rosa + 101 more characters
Cool, email me by clicking the ShaneF link by where it says "author" in this post.
Okay, so Veteran's Park sounds good, as does the gazebo in the park near the River. Anyone know who I would contact to get permission to do a thing at either one of these venues?
Open mic session, you say? Hmmmm....
Hey, Landen. I don't play bluegrass yet but I can probably hum a few bars. Give me some songs to practice, then maybe we can play a few bars? I play electric bass, acoustic guitar, and electric guitar + 25 more characters
I might be posting this in the wrong place, but.... Does anyone want to jam with me? I play bass, guitar, voice, etc. Any open mike nights around here?
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