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Wow! I made the top 20 list from 2004! The number 13 has always been a favorite of mine too. I don't think I've even posted since 2004 either, until now.
Munchies?!?!? I remember the good old days of getting the buble gum ice cream and having a competition with my brother to see who got the most pieces of bubble gum! Man, it's sure been awhile.
Would people be as willing to throw insults, name call, and be down right rude to fellow Miles Citians if they were having face to face "conversations" rather than those on these forums?
Have the Cowgirls beat Laurel yet this season?
1st game down! Cowgirls are on the winning path...
You've noticed that too? I've also noticed that both sides to every argument are always right and at the same time both sides are always wrong! Crazy how that works...
So since this post got buried, I'm gonna bring it back to the top. Why did Miles City get a new water tower? I'm never thinking about it when my parents are actually around, so I never remember to ask + 6 more characters
Spring Break and back in Miles City. I had to take a special trip down Main to check out the new water tower. It makes me sad, I think our old tower has alot more character, granted it did need a new + 381 more characters
It's been awhile since I've been on, but some of the posts I've been reading lately unexpectedly turn political at some point. For example, in the Movieeeeee thread, the "conservative" a + 185 more characters
I grew up in Miles City and I never noticed a problem with excessive illness in the community. I haven't been in town much over the last few years because of college and work, but illness-wise, the pl + 56 more characters
Did they seriously shoot it? If it was a bomb or something, how could that have been safe? Crazy...You know you are from Miles City when....
Yep, let's all beat our children. I only remember getting spanked once or twice, and I think I turned out fine. *shrug* I'm not sure violence is truly the answer. Maybe if parents took away the X-box + 53 more characters
I thought this was a little amusing. I realize some of Kerry's comments were probably taken a little out of context, but...
The paragraph thing is a good idea. I stopped reading partway I'm not really sure what it all said. But football and soccer are both awesome sports. I'll finish reading it later when I am + 80 more characters
Wan't there supposed to be some Trading Spaces Episodes coming up featuring people from Billings? Anyone know anything about those?
Gosh, I really do like the way nobody can find anything good about Bush. He must just be the devil in disguise. Tell me, how does he hide his horns? Where is his pitchfork? Obviously he had no goals g + 185 more characters
Now, if you want some cleaner political humor, check out the video at I think it's funny. And it doesn't just concentrate on one side.
Guess people just have different senses of humor. I don't really find it funny calling people names. But hey, that's just me. And I am awake. I can't type in my sleep silly.
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