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Asking for a friend who is curious about the history behind Signal Butte's name and it's use by the calvary to transmit messages/information with a mirror, to a recipient located as far away as the bl + 85 more characters
Appreciate your keeping me in mind. I will check back on this thread now and again, so if you do find something I will see your post. Thanks again.
Thanks for your reply. More specifically re: hair accessories - hair ties, headbands or barettes from the 1980's. Perfumes (samples or full size) any by Dana especially the loves line of about 10 frag + 132 more characters
If you happen to find any vintage unused hotel guest ammenities, 1980's hair & beauty items or perfumes (non avon), I may be interested in buying as I am always looking to add to my collection.
okay KAREN.... if you're so worried about catching the flu virus or getting stung by a wasp or being hit by a car or the multitude of other dangers that may befall you or anyone else then your best be + 306 more characters
Eagles Manor or Drop in Center
And let's not forget the "test run" that occured a few years prior to 9/11 when the lower deck parking area of the Wtc was bombed but failed to cause any collapse in the structure.
Forsyth aint a far drive and they always have a top performer during fair. Last years neal mcCoy concert was well worth the ticket price of 35 bucks!
Pigeons and potholes, wouldnt be Miles City without 'em!
Im pretty sure john brewer almost died from drowning while shooting the flumes back in 1986, Wasnt long after the whole thing was closed off, posted no trespassing and patroled by county sheriff offic + 24 more characters
trump will be holding a rally in billings this thursday may 26, 4 pm at rimrock auto arena - details and tickets found on the official trump website (url)- if u have doubts, wortwhile to make the 2 hr + 6 more characters
At a price tag of 27 k for 1 (one!) similar horse by Dolan (article link - FARM SHOW - Horse Made From Chain Links url) I question if that amount of money were raised, wouldnt it be more worthwhile to + 183 more characters
The link below is to an article that states the woman's boyfriend is now a possible suspect in the case. url
from the main street bridge to the mouth, the tounge river shoreline on town side is littered w/ trash from parties, and even an abandoned tent,clothes & rotting food. I have lived in m.c. for 25+ yea + 268 more characters
in response to NDJ;s question - the occupants of the home have been staying with friends and just recently found local rental property which they hope to move into before month's end. Still homeless a + 76 more characters
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