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Who is John in which you are trying to get in touch with? If it's the same one I'm thinking of, I have been trying at least once a week for the last month, to call him and every time it goes to voice + 59 more characters
Who's running this site? And why does he/she allow posts like this? Why not delete the post and ban the user?
I just downloaded free AVG the other day , it is still free
I see why people have called you a Wacko Cactus Plains!
What is with all the sarcasm on this thread? I don't understand??? RUDE!!
If you aren't doing anything wrong you have no reason to worry
It is a little frustrating, I agree, when you see an ad on tv and think you're going to get something for that price, and then you don't. This happened to me not too long ago, I saw a Subway ad, went + 110 more characters
First I noticed 6 channels were nothing but fuzz, then did a channel search and realize they have changed the channel numbers but 2 are still missing, FX and Gaming. I never got a notice of this with + 64 more characters
We are new in town and need an orthodontist who is gentle and has patience with children. Any here in town? Thanks
I hope you have told the police! If not, then what is the point of your post? Are we supposed to stand next to our vehicles 24/7
Ok brittany 95, What exactly do you mean? Do the high school students have to walk to Lincoln to get hot lunch? Also I was thinking about this alot tonight (because honestly I can't believe it) And w + 95 more characters
I have never heard of a public school system that does not provide hot lunches, and I've lived ALOT of places. I have to say I'm a little shocked, and disappointed.
Wait a minute, I don't understand. There are no hot lunches at the high school???
Hey I use this site as well as the Facebook pages and this one is FAR MORE popular than those on FB!
What's wrong with people? About 3 weeks ago I had my wallet (womens large size wallet) stolen right out of my cart at St. Vincents! Turned my back for a minute and it was GONE!
Our schools don't have AC for our children, but I would bet the inmates in our county jail are nice and cool.
Some of the relpies on this post are pretty rude and sarcastic. The OP was only asking a simple and reasonable question, and looking for a bit of advice. Any person who lives only a few houses away f + 231 more characters
Besides MidRivers, are there any internet providers in this area? Thank you.
Are they moving the Starz and Encore channels to another package?
Jeri, what my letter stated was that my bill will increase $2.25 per month. The price increase I do understand, but what I am most upset about is they are moving a couple of the channels we watch, ove + 352 more characters
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