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Two of my favorite teachers were my high school earth science teacher, Ms. Mathiot (I think it is Mrs. Denton now), and my 6th grade teacher at Lincoln Elementary, Mrs. Holland. I can remember their c + 127 more characters
My mother, Sherry Uden, worked at Tempo years ago. My cousin had this stuffed pink elephant with a blue bow on its head. I wanted one just like it so bad. My parents purchased one at Tempo for me. Bac + 275 more characters
I feel a lot of parents don't give there kids enough credit for what they can do. I think if most parents would give the full day program a go they would see that within two weeks the kids fall right + 625 more characters
Hey Tracy (sis) and Cory!! Wow, Tracy and I were just talking about the Rollercade today! Cory, when you say you have dreams about reopening the place I know what you mean! The Parkway Rollercade was + 587 more characters
I don't understand why the topic is always "year around swimming facility". What ever happened to just a normal outdoor pool. I live in a community population of 2500. Next year the city will begin bu + 273 more characters
For those of you who feel it is not their responsibility to provide "entertainment" for the children of the community, well I have to say that you just really have a very poor attitude. I suppose then + 380 more characters
Very cool! I was smiling all the way through. I was just home in Miles City for a few weeks and I drove all over the place remembering old times! I love coming home!!
A public swimming pool is one of the most basic resources in a community. I live in Central City, NE population 2,000. One of the major topics in city politics here is building a new pool. The pool we + 974 more characters
I apologize for possibly sounding uninformed but wasn't Nancy Thorne the art teacher at the CCHS for many years? If this is the Nancy Thorne you are speaking of I had no idea she had passed on. She wa + 49 more characters
Did it ever occur to anyone that the problems with the Chief of Police arose from failure to do her job properly? Very few people in Miles City probably know the "true" story behind all this and my op + 557 more characters
I remember riding my bike all over Miles City as a youngster, over to Bender Park for softball practice, to the swimming pool, Parkway Rollercade and to the old greenhouse that use to be located on To + 691 more characters
I would say the same for the Custer County Fair 20 years ago. You could pretty much count on running into people you had not seen all year. 4-H entries were plentiful and the exhibition halls full. Pa + 505 more characters
How about the old BIG AL's deli. Had some of the BEST food in town and you could sit in there on a Saturday or even a weekday for that matter and run into all kinds of people you knew. My family and I + 301 more characters
Having lived on South 4th near the golf course when I was a youngster I remember the beautiful sound of the cannon going off during a Cowboy touchdown, the roar of the crowd and the band. The lights a + 812 more characters
Cheryl, I live in Central City which is 20 miles east of Grand Island. I like it here as the land and the people remind me of Miles City, my true home!! A roller rink would be a good thing for Miles C + 570 more characters
Well, I am a little late on replying to this discussion but I think bringing a roller skating rink back to good old Miles City would be wonderful. This is coming from one who spent almost every day of + 983 more characters
Cinda, how are you my friend? I will be coming home to Miles City March 8-16 for a nice visit. Marc and the boys will be coming with. Would be nice to do lunch together or something! Hope you are doin + 8 more characters
Hello Matt! What a suprise!! I can't tell you how many times I have thought about you over the years and wondered how you were! Hope all is well in your life and would love to hear what you have been + 137 more characters
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