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Hopefully hitlery will suffer a massive life ending event before the election. Just my .02.
I do auto detailing and have references. 852-3648
RIP Wendi You left way too soon.
North too, Cohagen, Jordan area, check the door poster at the Eagles.
It sure is a shame that so many worthless humans remain and the good, nay, GREAT ones are taken from us.
I would get in touch with the Ameripride reps here in Miles and see if they can bring stuff from the surrounding towns too. That would make it more lucrative for you guys. I know we would appreciate t + 45 more characters
I think the Draino and the cheese grater comment really applies
you are correct Chuck, a great day for all. Next to go may be our weapons....
wonder why our gas prices are higher than surrounding towns? whats going on? A scam to take more of our measly earnings?
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