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Have it then Dumbies, I won't be back. May get another forum going though.God bless the Troops fighting these Muslims for our freedoms.
Damn Kelly this obsession of your never ends, does it? But sticking to the topic at hand, now George soros can buy the social format everywhere, in support of liberal values, you people should be hap + 450 more characters
If you take a close and unbiased look, you will see that the supreme court justices that a legislating from the (thrown), which strongly support corporations buyimg elections are liberal.
Dont have an obsession, but heard of your younger exploits from old school mates. Explains many comments of yours about sexual preferences and genetals of all sorts. Furthermore, I now understand why + 459 more characters
When will you find your nuts Richard? Maybe you should ask Anderson Cooper to give them back! I do think that it will be small legislative moves like these that show you liberals how we (conservat + 604 more characters
Going against your liberal peps I see. Thanks , I support the states rights to kick big brother out. Let's give these liberal hoards a lesson in states rights. Sounds like a Ron Paul championed event + 131 more characters
Let's ban everything, it's all illegal, lock'em all up. Stop dancing and singing as well!
RE: why?? 11 years ago
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No one is blaming the farmers, without them, there would be no Miles City, or many other small communities across America. I am just saying that they should have to operate under the same guidlines of + 2657 more characters
The extremist Muslims have taken control of Egypt, what does this mean for Israel?
Howdy is the devil. WWJD He would save his choosen people, which are the people of Isreal, which is a group of people, a blood line, not a geographical location. Jesus was a nationalist at heart, + 317 more characters
RE: why?? 11 years ago
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If you aren't going to bring a couple hundred thousand dollars here when you come, they do not want you. Furthermore these land barons do not have to liquidate assest (land, tractors etc.)when they fa + 654 more characters
Glad to entertain you Samples, now this is to educate you + 704 more characters
Not even a bump in the road for the good christians of this community, if they ever decide to come around and fight back. There is a point where turning cheeck is considered giving up. All tyrants ne + 82 more characters
And you are mostly atheist and communist Here is a remark from Richard Bonehead, I excluded the link as to not pass on the devils work. [Here is a link to the first two chapters of a book entitled The + 330 more characters
When I had Larry told me he made almost 90,000 from this site in a year, sound like a hobby to you? Also I was just joshin yall about getting the point, because the point is something yall + 457 more characters
Point taken, even though yall dont usually reason this well. Maybe that mule kicked you!
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