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When we lived in Miles City I always saw Dr. Thomas Kent in Billings. He works with St. V's but has his own office with a few other very good doctors up by Rocky's baseball field. He was an excellent + 75 more characters
It seemed like the CCRVF was doing training or something. They didnt respond with lights on. They do train on Tuesdays, but keep us informed please.
Cowtown Tech was put up by Eric also.
If any businesses need help setting up hosting for their webpages please feel free to call me at 853-2553. I would be more than willing to help them get restarted as quickly as possible. Marci Fandric + 25 more characters
Flag football usually starts in the fall about the same time as school. I haven't seen any information for signups yet, our oldest is just now old enough to start so we are kind of wondering also! Hop + 13 more characters
Is it possible to hire two people, both part time, to monitor entrance to the Oasis. This would mean they would not be lifeguards, but would only admit children over a certain age without an adult, an + 324 more characters
Thanks Paul, We will get it done.
Does anybody have any info on the basketball camp at the highschool? I think it starts june 30th. Thanks
Opening Doors? Shedding Light?
Hey how about the Art Center? They do the shakespeare in the Park there. Electricity and parking and seating for everyone. Just my 2 cents.
Pizza hut has wifi and pizza, but will always miss the cellars! Brewsters also has wifi signal as do several of the hotels in town.
I totally agree with Jay. If America is a country where we fight for everyone's freedom then aren't we/you all guilty of doing to frank and beans what he is doing to whatever races he doesnt like? He + 523 more characters
There are other alternatives to all day kindergarten in Miles City even if it does go through. Check into Sacred Heart or Trinity Lutheran Preschool. Both have Kindergarten programs that are still hal + 898 more characters
My kids go to Kinsey and they do all day kindergarten Tues, Thurs, and every other Friday. My kids loved it! They occassionally needed a quick nap after school...but quickly adjusted to the longer day + 220 more characters
I only have room for one more child to go. If you are interested plz call me for more information.
I am taking my boys to Forsyth for swim lessons. The last session starts July 30th and runs for two weeks. I have room in my van for 4 more kids. Lessons are $15 per kid and I am willing to drive if a + 108 more characters
This has always bothered me, why doesn't Miles City fix the wonderful marble fountain at the park? I don't remember it ever working in my lifetime. Can anyone else? Amorette can you fill me in on the + 151 more characters
Hey does anyone know if wallyes unlimited is having their derby at spotted eagle tomorrow? We really enjoy it but haven't seen anything about it. Thanks for any info.
Congrats Pioneers and Coaches on a well played season. We are looking forward to an even better season next year! Congratulations!!!!
The final score was 1-0 Longview MCC Pioneers play at 9am tomorrow morning. Good Luck tomorrow Pioneers!!!
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