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Oh my! Gorgeous....a work of art, Marissa!!!
SO happy this story has a happy ending!!! Like so many others in our community, I made several trips along the interstate hoping to spot Shy again after seeing her more than a month ago!
I saw a dog that looks a LOT like this one yesterday. It was on the interstate by the 4B's off ramp. I drove back through there a few times (after I took my dog home) and my neighbor also combed throu + 154 more characters
Steve, Thanks! The guys in our club put in LOTS of hours and it's nice to be appreciated! As far as the Mustang....don't think we'll have it at Spotted Eagle on Saturday. Call Dennis - he loves any ex + 27 more characters
Here is a brief run-down of the events happening at Spotted Eagle this Saturday (June 20): FAMILY FUN DAY is this Saturday (June 20) at Spotted Eagle. Gates open at 8 AM. First 100 kids up to age of 1 + 1328 more characters
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