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I have a cheap set of rabbit ears from Walmart, and get about 10-12 stations over the air here in MC. As the stations are all digital, they come in very clear. You will need a digital tv or a converte + 22 more characters
Know I'm going to get bashed for this. Why not march for tolerance, acceptance, understanding, anti-bullying...? Guess to me, its like getting clap after you hooked up with to many barflys. Then preac + 207 more characters
Keep spewing Rob, keep spewing... I'm sure you'll find some conspiracy theory with this also. url [Edited by K. D. (12/22/2017 12:19:15 PM)]
The problem with this is, if you live in the flood plain, you cannot legally replace your septic system. While some people do the Saturday "dig and bury", not all of us are afforded that luxury. If o + 240 more characters
Hopefully you can find what your're looking for here. The city has never been one to update on a regular basis. url [Edited by K. D. (3/1/2017 11:34:11 PM)]
I feel the mayor, city attorney, and the council members were not prepared for this. Mr. Hollowed really never did answer what is in it for the county residents. I really would encourage anyone in the + 125 more characters
LRS, please go back to school and finish 3rd grade. Your not a cop, as your writing skills prove that, and apparently your reading comprehension is lacking just as bad. So please, let the professional + 388 more characters
The Custer County Zoning Meeting is today at the court house from 9:00 - 3:00. The county is taking back over the "2 mile doughnut" that the city had jurisdiction over. You do not need to go for the f + 156 more characters
Visited with Fish and Game this morning, and they are not aware of any petition for banning jets skis on the river. My question is, are these jet skis really "harassing" Mr. Carl by being less than 75 + 261 more characters
Cry me a f'ing river (made a funny there) and call Fish and Game, instead of complaining about it on here. From the Fish and Game Website. Please pay special attention to the third bullet point. url: + 42 more characters
They might as well as disallow boats and cars then. Same inconsideration, just bigger tools to do it with.
If anyone knew Blake Beeler, he passed away Saturday of Memorial Day weekend. He was growing his hair out for a 9 +/- year old girl with cancer that he met in one of the stores here in Miles City. His + 222 more characters
Baxter and Hothead, 1. Any idiot can get on the Montana Sexual and Violent Offenders website, and see where these kid touchers live. (Which leads to #2) 2. How many of these kid touchers are repeat of + 248 more characters
I like this version better. url
So Hannah, what do you suggest? Give the drug addicted welfare recipients more food stamps in hopes that the money trickles down to the children as food? Unfortunately there is no easy solution to the + 334 more characters
I agree with Cubby. I guess I fail to live a life with the blinders on, and no one will tell me what I see really isn't there. The problem is, when it comes to welfare abusers, one spoiled apple shoul + 67 more characters
Well the C and L are kind of close together on the keyboard. Anyone with sausage fingers like mine...
I guess I took it as the tower signal is interfering with the Midrivers' satellite dishes on Yellowstone hill.
Go to city hall upstairs, and ask for Dennis Hirsch and/or Scott Grey. I guess you could also try calling city hall, and asking for them.
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