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I believe 4B's is getting new carpet. Just gotta find a good time to have the store closed to put it in. (: Not sure of this is the plan anymore, but it's been the discussion a few times. New blinds! + 35 more characters
Yeah, that's the only part I know too. Okay. Just checking. (:
Pillar Guy 10 years ago
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I don't get the paper and have been getting too busy at work to read the one there. What happened to the guy who ran into the pillars at the fairgrounds?
RE: Fire 10 years ago
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I hear Moon Creek.
I don't know if anyone has said this. I didn't bother to read at least half of this because I think it's all stupid. My mother works at Walmart and she just enlightened me that the baby girl clothes y + 257 more characters
I hate how people are saying 4th Of July is ruined due to no fireworks. Does anyone really remember what it's about anymore? Go spend time with your family and friends. It's a day of joy. Just because + 124 more characters
I went in there to check it out (I can't get a tattoo right now, as I am 7 months pregnant) and he told me to pop her out and get on in. I thought he was very funny and polite and Alicia was the same + 149 more characters
I was just on that road on Saturday because my parents live 12 miles out of Sheffield from Miles City. I was coming home from Billings so I decided to take the back road so I could return my mom's car + 567 more characters
Was is the same one? I hope so! So the people who lost their kitten get it back! (:
Oh, maybe it's flooding I'm thinking of. Where the posts have nothing to do with the topic? (: I'm good at that.
You would! Haha. Am I spamming now?
You bought more shoes?
Man. I love this website and this town. You guys keep me entertained at work. (: Buuuuuut. This IS a main reason I moved to Glendive. The drama. And I'm still close to keep in contact with my friends. + 63 more characters
I'm gramatically(I still don't know if that's a word though, heehee) correct when I text. It bugs me when people use abbreviations and such. O.o
I love how Miles City's drama has reached the web!
Woah, woah, what? I didn't hear a thing...
I knew her mostly when I was little. She was the leader of my brothers boy scout troop. I used to go over there to hang with the girls while the boys had their meetings. We were all pretty close. Fami + 150 more characters
Ok seriously people. Leave. Josh. Alone. I realize that you're all upset cause he posted something that hadn't even been public yet. Maybe he was in the wrong. But the topic poster WANTED TO KNOW so J + 525 more characters
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