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Once again, voters get exactly what they paid for. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.
It's kind of splitting hairs, but you could say Trump isn't fascist since he exalts nothing above himself. His racism may be sincere, but his nationalism is a simple means to an end. Anyone who contin + 56 more characters
Greg Hertz is leading the race to the bottom. How will Greg Kmetz respond?
"I'm going to own the libs by making a total ass of myself." -Greg Kmetz, probably
The balloon was able to confirm the presence of a hat, but no cattle.
You were compensated fairly and anyone who received better compensation is spoiled. Do I have that right?
People are going to get exactly what they deserve. The huge state budget surplus will be used to lower taxes, attract more rich people further increasing the price of housing, and average Republican v + 335 more characters
Now who can save us from the bad man’s unconstitutional gas prices? url
Far right asshat and functional illiterate Moscow Matt Rosendale won't rest until America defaults on its debt. MAGAs seek a multi-polar world because they HATE America.
Laurel Eaton was a high school student in Glendive in the 90s. I believe she is now Laurel Struck of Billings.
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