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I know that we have Rimrock in Billings, but it has a long waiting list, and I know a child (teenager, really, but he acts like a child) that is in desperate need of some serious help (for drugs and a + 323 more characters
While this is a little off topic, it's not entirely.... While I was in 4Bs the other day, I was told that the 600 was closing. I know that Butch fired a *bunch* of employees that had been there a long + 129 more characters
Wow... okay. While I'm not out and about a whole lot, I've been told that there are cans at M&H and the likes to raise money for the skate park... any truth in that?
Did't catch the message til just now... but I'll be sure to be there next week! Thanks!
There's always going to be "something" that won't allow it if it isn't going to bring in obvious money... even when it's saving money by not having property damage by the skaters trying to find suitab + 555 more characters
I defintely agree with a lot of what you said, Chad. I've never seen the park in Minot, but I know that the one in Billings is a little too compact - not enough room for the volume of people that act + 340 more characters
I am in full support of a skate park, but after talking to several of the skaters (my little brother is one, as are many of his friends), they have the same basic concerns: 1) They are afraid that, li + 777 more characters
I attended the luncheon, and thought that it was absolutely wonderful! I hope that she returns to Miles City in the future....
I don't know, it may just be me, but despite the fact that you're trying to up the attendance and tie events together here in town, it seems incredibly absurd to have the 4th of July parade on the 2nd + 716 more characters
I've been tempted to go and check it out several times, but haven't made it in there for various lame excuses. (Hey, at least I'm honest!) A big part of it is that I simply don't know when it starts. + 60 more characters
Disturbing... But amusing nonetheless.
Alyssa: Why are we stopping? Holden: Because I can't take this. Alyssa: Can't take what? Holden: I love you. Alyssa: You love me? Holden: I love you. And not, not in a friendly way, although I think w + 2179 more characters
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