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If you can send me your email address I will send you the registration form. My father is a member of the club Please send address to my email at [email protected] Valerie Pachl
I am wondering if anyone out there can give advice as to what people wear to attend this annual event???? We are attending for the first time and want to dress properly.
We placed applications at the office of assistance, WIC office, county health department and head start this year. We placed applications in these offices starting late October. Next year we will plac + 582 more characters
Thank you to all that have made any kind of a donation this year! With your generosity we were able to provide to over 200 individuals! We are already looking forward to and planning for next year.
I agree Rachel did a great job with my hair!!!! Give her a call!
We have to have a deadline so that we have time to shop for the families and get the gifts to them in time for Christmas. We will do our best to purchase gifts for late applications but no guarantees + 67 more characters
December 6th
Yes they just need to fill out application
Attention citizens of Miles City. This is the last call for applications for Empty Stockings. All applications must be postmarked by Dec. 1st. You can pick up applications at the Office of Public Assi + 673 more characters
I was thinking about setting it to 65 since that is where most businesses give a Senior Discount but figured I would have some people mad saying that it was not fair to have it set so high. We just wa + 1234 more characters
We will also take some elderly as long as applications are postmarked by Dec. 1st....We will consider anyone 60 years of age or older as elderly.
I just wanted to let people know about some changes with the program this year - in case you did not read it in the Miles City Star. This year we are still having the program!!!! However there WILL NO + 888 more characters
How elaborate of a cake are you looking for? How many are you looking to feed and what is your price range? I have made cakes in the past for weddings and anniversary parties. I might be able to help + 98 more characters
Still Looking
I am posting this for a friend of mine who has lost something very dear to her......This past year she had to pawn a couple rings to pay for some medical bills. When she went in to pay up the pawn she + 817 more characters
I used Joe and his daughter last year for my breakfast with Santa at the Eagles and they did a fantastic job :-) I hope to have them help deliver some gifts this year also!
Start Up your tractors or Saddle Up your horses. That is what we were thinking when we developed the theme.
Start Up or Saddle Up!!!!!! BHS Parade Theme for 2012
The Miles City Jaycees sent in money to sponsor a day but have not heard anything back......did you recieve our check and paperwork????
Yes this is Miles City Walmart. They were students of CCDHS. I think it is very cute and original.
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