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DONALD DEAN HANSEN Mueller's Tri-Cities Funeral Home Donald Dean Hansen, known to friends as 'Don', was born on July 2, 1930 in Miles City, MT to Della and H. Edward Hansen, he was the eldest of four + 3186 more characters
Thanks, that is the greatest history website that I have seen in quite a while. Just love reading history. Thanks again, Diana
You are very welcome. I live out in WA state, so if I see something related to your area in our local paper I try to post. I would sure like this kind of info on friends and relatives who had left my + 5 more characters
Mueller's Tri-Cities Funeral Home Blanche Mae Wood, 64, passed away on Friday, August 8, 2014. Blanche was born February 18, 1950 in Miles City, Montana, the daughter of Eugene and Mae Wood, of Stacey + 2491 more characters
I am replying to my own message here, to bring it back to the top, for the Ursaline Convent info contained in it.
A few years back I went looking for the records from my home here in WA state, and after talking to several folks connected to the school was told the records that I was looking for (from the 1890s) n + 193 more characters
Hal, thanks for the alert on this new book. Just finished reading it, and Michael did a great job. It was well written and had enough pictures and maps to really bring the history to life. I recommen + 128 more characters
Thanks Hal, that was very interesting. I always like a good obscure (at least to me) historical story, and the beeb (BBC) is good at digging them up. Thanks again, Diana
Mom - thank you from me, too. I am not a family member, but my great grandfather was a Dawson County sheepman in the 1880s. He moved on to Ravalli County in 1888. Your story telling is beautiful and e + 157 more characters
About this post card's date - As per my hubby (born 1941, grew up in Oakland, CA), there were few, if any, mass produced cars that were anything but black way back then. (As Henry Ford famously said, + 345 more characters
Dyba folks - about your earlier "Powell"/Paul discussion - I think that Paul (pronounced Pall - rhymes with mall) is an "American" name. Whatever that person's name was in German (maybe Pavel), was po + 284 more characters
Darlene - I would dearly love copies of your letters. My great grandfather was a sheepman, NE of Glendive, in those years. He left a journal, but the writing ends mid-sentence in 1886. I have often wo + 327 more characters
Something I found, when looking for something else. Thought that MC folks might like to read this. Signed, Diana in WA state. Jack Roy Cloud, our beloved father, grandfather and great-grandfather, joi + 3861 more characters
Stacie - Talked to Gary today, and he was a great help, as you said he would be. He said Ulric Southwick's was "5 standing O" (oh). John Jay Southwick's was "quarter circle over J". As for James Cora + 86 more characters
Dave - The half circle is above the J in that brand, that is why I guessed half circle J. As for the brand with the 5, I was unsure. I knew it would be a hanging 5, if it (the 5) were on the right sid + 55 more characters
I will try to do as you ask. I only have photo copies from the book, and haven't scanned them into my PC since we got back home. I was just hoping one of you would have the book, and be able to look t + 46 more characters
Thanks for the help. I will try and call Gary next week. Not one of the places that I have found, either online or in a book, have helped me beyond John Jay's "half circle J". There was never an illus + 207 more characters
All - I know this is not a Miles City, or even a Custer County topic, but you all seem so helpful and knowledgible, that I thought that I would be brave and ask a question. Earlier this month I spent + 914 more characters
Cindy - Southwick research hasn't been a problem. John Jay Southwick did genealogical research himself, and left us his spreadsheet notebook. Problem is , he only did his Southwick (paternal) and Hawl + 261 more characters
Cindy - Thanks for all your research. As for the school research, you have given me more places to look than the current school, or the convent keepers did. I will have to work on that. Susie was sen + 990 more characters
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