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I went into the Dollar Tree yesterday to do a little shopping and shelves are empty alot of empty shelves..... they say there truck comes on Monday but there is alot in the back room....
Keep trying and asking ..... Don't give up !!!!!
Will Miles City get a Dollar General Store next ???
I believe there home office is in Virginia, and the reason I know the truck is always been there on Monday is I am a x employee there has only been 1 or 2 times the truck came on Tuesday they need som + 135 more characters
Well last week there were empty boxes on shelves and empty shelves.......and I go in there at least once a week if not twice......
I was just wondering if the Dollar Tree is going out of business, because I was in there the other day and a lot of shelves were empty, and they get a truck on Monday morning ( this was on Wednesday)
As being a x employee of the Dollar Tree, the manager does not know her job..... And almost everyone who was there from the beginning have quit .... And that is mainly because of the Management....... + 1 more characters
12mile dam is good for catfish......
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