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Roger, At no time did I ever "rip you off" as you so pleasantly like to say every other week on this site. The contracts were sold to another businessman who is very good in the Tech field. If you re + 1042 more characters
Brian - or was that mr spalding, err mr hypocrite... I can't remember - there were so many personalities? You have indicated that you need to "heal" and get some things off your chest. You did that - + 1461 more characters
My heart goes out to CW's family and to the owners of Bojangles
This has been interesting.
Spend a day working at any shelter and see if you don't feel the same. Okay. Lets see I have worked at a shelter in Bozeman. What does that have to do with anything? Pets are often unwanted, and given + 690 more characters
Sorry - second person this thread to misuse the word.
Well, Well, Well, I see that the good citizens whom are posting on Miles have found yet another person to degrade and treat with hostility when they don't even know them.
This quote was at the bottom of a website tool I used today. Some things are just plain wrong! "One thing kids like is to be tricked. For instance, I was going to take my little nephew to Disneyland, + 266 more characters
Donna, What you provide and what my landlord has provided are two different things. I personally paid to fix a lawn that had not been cared for in 3 years. I had it power raked, weed & seed and it is + 824 more characters
What is it that you THINK you have accomplished. Trying to sharpen your claws with making little remarks in reference to Eric is very childish. Also I have a house. So if you know where I live then I + 249 more characters
Roxanna, Really, so you are saying that you were unlawfully incarcerated, were able to prove it in a court of law and received a settlement? WOW I didn't know that we were that much alike. The bigge + 543 more characters
The difference between you and I Roxanna is that I received a settlement for wrongful incarceration. Have a wonderful day.
Mary, Also that footprint. Wasn't that pot hole filled last week.
Gail, It seems that you link yourself with those who have a hard time being completely honest about themselves while at the same time they are maliciously spreading hate and discontent towards others + 424 more characters
Roxanna Brush, I will be going through Billings tomorrow. Would you like me to say hello to your very old friend Becky Richards?
Welcome back "nothing". I certainly hope that CCR will come forward, of course I sincerely doubt that will happen since she is obviously the type of person who can't even tell the truth when she is hi + 259 more characters
On the night in question I returned home late from work. Therefore, Eric couldn't let me out of the vehicle since I happened to be driving it. As for the 74 year old man. Aren't we speaking of the sam + 697 more characters
I have eaten at a Rib and Chop house and can say that not only is the food excellent, but so is the service. It is a little pricey, however it is worth every penny spent.
I can see that the appetite for gossip is alive and well in Miles City. However to clear some things. Mr. Brandt did not dial 911, no matter what the paper or anyone else says. Dispatch NOT 911 was di + 303 more characters
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