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Small dog appears to be a Beagle and Corgi mix. Black, brown and tan. No collar. Out past Tusler along railroad tracks. ?? Not good news.
Understand. I tried to compare a lot of these houses side-by-side that have been purchased and re-sold in the last two years and taxes just don't jive. For instance are home the taxes are 2300 a year. + 104 more characters
No one can explain the taxes? A MilesTown estate house has $6k in property tax for a house that's $350k but a $400k house across town has $3k taxes? Or a new house at $300k has $2400 in taxes but a $1 + 185 more characters
What's the deal with the crazy high house prices in this town? Never seen anything like it. Where are they coming up with these appraisal values? These $400k and $500k houses buit in the 80's that nee + 295 more characters
Anything would be better than this uneducated individual we have now
And why are you posting crap that nobody else cares about?? I don't care about your ex or anything else. Thanks for being so bored that you need to take up space for things that could be more importan + 2 more characters
How is this guy the Mayor? I'm mean honestly? Who voted for this guy.....again?
Oh look. It's almost 11pm and the Bobcat operator that's removing snow decided he would start up work again. People have to get up for work in the morning. Why is he going to keep everyone up? I don't + 241 more characters
I guess I could confront the individual removing the snow, and it would be a favor among several neighbors if I did. Several of us have conversed about the snow removal and keeping the neighbors up at + 629 more characters
Why would someone (for the last several years) feel it necessary to remove snow between the hours of 11pm to 0200am when people are sleeping down Main Street and the side streets waking EVERYONE up an + 758 more characters
Can someone please tell me how to get in touch with Nicole? Thanks
So very sad to hear. What a wonderful person Gary was. Prayers sent!!!!
Young grey and white cat found on Main St and Cale on the 9th of October. Grey body, white face, and white paws. Very cute. Gets along great with dogs, house broke as well. Appears to have been someon + 563 more characters
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